Skudge, live at Rote Sonne 03.09.2011

Things don’t often get fresher than this. From their live performance on Saturday September 3rd, this is Skudge.

Expect deep and some might even use the word progressive, but nonetheless solid techno that is the sound of Skudge. Hailing from Sweden, the production duo only arrived in 2009 yet since have cemented themselves firmly as the go-to-guys for often complex, stimulating strains of techno. No tracklist for this live PA, in fact the information I have to hand amounts to just:

Live recording from Rote Sonne.
TR 909 + X0XB0X + OCTATRACK and loads of effects..

…which frankly is more than enough for me.

Skudge Live at Rote Sonne 03/09/2011


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