Fungus Cerebri Special 110516, a mix for Enough Records

Those of you who read this site from time to time are probably quite aware of the prolific and diverse work of netlabel Enough Records.

Compiled and mixed by label owner ps, Fungus Cerebri Special 110516 is a sampler mix focusing on the noise and harsh electronics the label has released since it’s inception. Commissioned by the Spanish music site of the same name (you can read their original review here, thou it is in Spanish, or hit this translated version).

Fungus Cerebri Special 110516

Sparagmos – Thracian Woman [enrmp147]
P.I.F. (3,14…) – N?£o H?° Vacas Sagradas [enrcmp13] – a candle to the devil [enrmp171]
Animal Machine – The Imperfect Way Of Flesh [enrmp208]
EYE8SOCCER – Enough Of Pink Devils (part i) [enrcmp11]
Bashed Nursling – I Am Chaos [enrmp238]
Fear Konstruktor – Object [enrmp104]
Un – Torn [enrmp167]
Waste Disposal Machine – A Girl Within a Motorcycle (recycled by ps) [enrmp240]
ps – in [enrmp076]
Grey Park – The Doormat Priest [enrmp075]
Velvet Narcosis – DIKTAT [enrmp159]
Infetu – … [enrmp070]
Aktivehate – Ugly Inside [enrmp219]


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