Dead Baby In A Plastic Bag – Sheer Reason May Never Prevail

Quite a unique name, I’m sure you’ll agree, and one that you’ll likely not forget. A name that in the context of music stirs up dark, aggressive, twisted sound.

The Dead Baby In A Plastic Bag project is a live edit collaboration between the Krauts: Unclean and Pripad. Merging traditional analogue with modern digital DJ techniques, in an attempt to break down those outdated musical boundaries. DBIAPB is rather an unhealthy mixture of industrial breaks, power electronics and rhythmic noise techno, not as they put it, the typical 4/4 techno manner. Indeed they go to say, their sound focuses on political situations, acoustic confrontation, manipulation and sonic challenges embedded in total darkness. In other words, win.

From the guys themselves:

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen
Dead Baby In A Plastic Bag thought it’s about time for a new set. It honestly took us a while but after 4 or 5 pre-lists we finally found what we were looking for. The construction is a bit different, we made two parts. At the beginning one total part was on the card but we were never really satisfied with what came out. The tracks didn’t harmonize as we wanted so we decided to split and tell you the story in 2 different parts. But enough blabla..

As usual we worked with Ableton and 12″s. Hope you enjoy it. All feedback much appreciated. Thanks.

Dead Baby In A Plastic Bag – Sheer Reason May Never Prevail part 1: In The Paper Today
Simon Fisher-Turner & Derek Jarman – In The Paper Today #1
AQF – Born And Raised (Version)
Actress – Ghosts Have A Heaven
Cio D’or – Organza (Milton Bradley remix)
Skudge – Ontic
Pornophonic – Drive
Ed Rush & Nico – Defect (Peter Van Hoesen’s Twisted Spine remix)
Cari Lekebusch – (Luke Slater remix)
Dynamo – Aussen Vor (Log remix)
Vaccine – Wishfull Thinking
Valmay – Radiated Future
Ultramarine – Hooter (Carl Craig remix)
Silent Servant – Raíz (Ciencia Ficción Edición)
DBX – Losing Control (Robert Hood remix)
Inigo Kennedy – China Rising (Jolka remix)
Pacou – Their Voices
Fumiya Tanaka – For Set
Traversable Wormhole – Centauri Dream
Sandra Electronics – It Slipped Her Mind
Frank Bretschneider – Chamber Jazz Biplex Blue Cyan
Actress – Loomin
Tadeo – Winds of Glory (Marcel Dettmann remix)
Scorn – Bear Felt Nowt
Xhin – Link
Dead Sound – Dead Slater
Tomohiko Sagae – Assembly Line
Realmz – Fractals
Fret – Stuck
Cub – C U 1 (UST remix)
Skin Area – Journal Noir
Simon Fisher-Turner & Derek Jarman – In The Paper Today #2

Dead Baby In A Plastic Bag – Sheer Reason May Never Prevail part 2: See, Realize, Fail
Simon Fisher-Turner & Derek Jarman – In The Paper Today #3
Perc – BCG (Forward Strategy Group Remix)
Female – Ready Made
Obtane – Waterstorm
Surgeon – Untitled
Go Hiyama – Sense Of Starvation
Patrick Cowley – Jorge Socarras (Kink remix)
Sascha Rydell – Contraire
Blawan – Fram
Marcel Dettmann – Viscous
Kirlian – Porzellangasse Again
Aubrey – Dark
Sluts ‘N’ Strings & 909 – Past The Gates
Jilt Van Moorst – Sublimination Ritual
Moderat – Ramadan
Peter Van Hoesen – Colony – Return Of The Object
Wyatt Keusch – Object 02
Datamine – Interpolate
Female – Blood Tide (Regis Mix)
Al Tourettes – Dodgem
Surgeon – Untitled
Ben Gibson – Same Symptoms, Same Combat (Scene One)
Peter Van Hoesen – Strip It, Boost It
Bjørn Svin – Momwree
Inigo Kennedy – The Shard
Lag – Carbon Planet
Helvetikone – Cuboid
Instra:Mental – Vicodin
Mariel Ito – Once Upon A Creature
Cliffordandcalix – Myrie
Fad Gadget – Ultramarine
Anthony Cantor – Waterspells
Simon Fisher-Turner & Derek Jarman – The Side Effects Of DHPG…


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