Mirko S. – Fuck The Mainstream / BRAWLcast

Mirko S is the founder and manager of the excellent techno label Foot Fetish Records, releasing his own productions along with those of Brad Lee, Zair, S-Tek, Tony Silver and many others.

BRAWLcast #062 Mirko S. – Fuck The Mainstream
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Oris – House Of Cards [Corrupt Systems]
Milton Bradley – Interdimensional Entity [Prologue]
Zair – Genetic Disorder
John Mitchell – Darkness Detail
Luis Ruiz – El Antiguo Astronauta.[ASRX]
British Murder Boys – Anti Inferno [Counterbalance]
British Murder Boys – All The Saints Have Been Hung [Counterbalance]
Stinrays – Detuned Devilment [Foot Fetish]
Matthew Lions & Thomas Klaus – Muted Strings [Subsequent]
Thomas Klaus – Barefoot In Nostate
Zair – Encélado
Oris – Refrain.[Corrupt Systems]
Matsuura – Newinferno [UUD01]
Surgeon – Setting The Scene [Dynamic Tension]
Oscar mulero – 180 (Brethren Remix) [Audio Assault]
Macwolf – Voices [Dark Mental Rec]


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