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Mantis Radio 269 – Syk2ne

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Czech Republic’s Syk2ne steps up this week with a dark hard & heavy guest session. We play music by Lanark Artefax, Laraaji, DJ Godfather, Digital Distortions, VSK, Endlec, Ho99o9, BEC, Benjamin Damage, Simbiosi, and Trevino.

Lanark Artefax – Virtual Bodies [UIQ]
Laraaji – Collaji (Carlos Nino edit + additions feat Jamel Dean) [All Saints Records]
Simbiosi – Impari [Werk Discs]
Skaliger & Osvil D – Gorgon (Kobold remix) [Blush Recordings]
Wheez-ie – Touchy [Southern Bell Recordings]
DJ Godfather – The Battle [Databass]
Vic B & Redshift – Terror Part II [Top Drawer Digital]
Swift and Zinc – 12 O’Clock Drop [Sophisticated Underground Sounds]
Benjamin Damage – Malfunction [R&S Records]
BEC – Sines & Breaks 1 [Voight]
DiCrYLiuM – Isnt Dead [Digital Distortions]
dotwav – Panic Room (Charlton remix) [KONFLKT]
Ziro – Lost featuring Trim [Crazylegs]
VSK – Multiverse [47]
Endlec – We Have Failed [Mord Records]
Ignacio – Chios [Music Man Records]
Trevino – Eclipse [Klockworks]

Syk2ne – Framework Mutation [Dark Industry]
Cirrus – Angel (Fuj remix) [Terra Null Recordings]
Disprove – Hard Problem [Methlab Recordings]
Grosso Gadgetto feat. Sir Jean – Carn (Syk2ne remix) [After Effects Rec]
3RDKND – The Artifact [Forbidden Society Recordings]
Datacode – Wraithmachine (Stromhaul rework) [Methlab Recordings]
Ars Dada – Eradication By Fire [Sonic Terror Recordings]
Syk2ne – The Elder Things [Sonic Terror Recordings]
Audeka – Torque Limit [Methlab Recordings]
Mefjus – Work It [Vision]
end.user – Reverse Engineering [Sonic Terror Recordings]
Dom & Xanadu – Ultraviolet [Dom & Roland Productions]
Homemade Weapons – Killing Moon [Samurai Music]
Dr. Roman & Ars Dada – Pale Horse [Sonic Terror Recordings]
3RDKND – Purge [Forbidden Society Recordings]
Syk2ne – Yuggoth [Sonic Terror Recordings]
Velos – Human Music [Sonic Terror Recordings]
Bohemian – Hellhound [Metnem]
Synergy – Scarecrow [Eatbain]
Meander – Another Monster [Tainted Audio]
Inward, Hanzo & Randie – Pierce [C4C Recordings]
Temper Tantrum – The Underground Anthem (Tymon remix) [Industrial Strength Records]
Current Value – Consequences [Methlab Recordings]

Zazou, Bikaye & Cy1 – M’Pasi Ya M’Pamba [Crammed Discs]
Ho99o9 – Face Tatt [Toys Have Powers]
Cannibal Ox – Real Earth [Def Jux]
The Armed – Party at Pablo’s (LIVE) [No Rest Until Ruin]

Featured Guest

Our guest this week is Czech Republic producer Syk2ne. An artist who explores the dark edges of breakcore, hardcore techno, drum n bass, dubstep and industrial pressure.

In 2013 Netherlands label Dark Industry released Contagion – his debut. Releases have followed on RXSTNZ, Kyokudocore, Battle Audio and via his Bandcamp. In January US imprint Sonic Terror Recordings released The Elder Things / Yuggoth.

Dressed like a plague doctor laying out dark, raw, heavy broken sonic fury his sets are often intense – which is exactly what he has recorded for Mantis Radio. Fierce, atmospheric, dank drum n bass filth.

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