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Acroplane Recordings step up to the session today w/ a showcase mix of their label’s range. We’ve music from Nosaj Thing, Killawatts, Modeselektor, Platinum Mules, Si Begg, Dead Sound.

Nosaj Thing – Coat of Arms [BriEfcAse Rockers]
f.o.t.n. – Tesseract [Noxgenus Recordings]
Senso + Wolfgang Strausdat – Lilli Van Thornson (Dub) [Derelikt]
KiloWatts – Kynanite [KiloWatts Music]
URB – MAU [Enough Records]
Modeselektor – Ziq Zaq [BPitch Control]
Senor Frio – Gatter Foot [Digital Distortions]
Si Begg – Jetlag and Tinnitus Part 1 (Crystal Distortion remix) [Noodles]
Dead Sound – Bad Thoughts [Data Trace]
Hellfire Machina – Something in the Dub [unreleased] exclusive
B1tcrunch3r feat. Adapt – Foresight (Mouch remix) [Gamma Audio]
Platinum Mules – Fresh Start (Mesmer remix) [Re:Connect]
Stryke and Santos – Exiled (Mark Broom remix) [Tronic]
P.E.A.R.L. – Innocent Soul [Return Records]
P.E.A.R.L. – Innocent Soul (Charlton remix) [Return Records]
Ion Driver – bbRobot (Teutonic Kaboom remix) [unreleased]
Gyu – Marilyn [unreleased]
Dave Clarke – A Tale of Two Cities [Deconstruction]
OG – Time Slips Away [midnightminustwo]
Synaecide – The World is High [IDMF Netlabel]
Si Begg – The Bleeps (Si Begg 08 edit) [Mutate Records]
Deadman DJ – Thist [unreleased]
Subotic – Relentless (Concrete DJz remix) [Armatura Records]
Subotic – Relentless [Armatura Records]
John Roya – Rice [mONOmENTAL]

Blake Market – Gently Stalk [unreleased]
Filaria – Aucid Flux [Acroplane]
wAgAwAgA – Eerieish [Acroplane]
Red Box Recorder – CCC [Acroplane]
VERTICAL67 – Motion [unreleased]
VERTICAL67 – Daylight (Red Box Recorder’s Donk On It remix) [Acroplane]
Somatic Responses – Shinjuku Walk [Acroplane]
wAgAwAgA – Technodub [unreleased]
Space Dimension Controller – Galactic Effector [Acroplane]
Somatic Responses – Dub Flash (Re-Edit) [unreleased]
Somatic Responses – Erratic [Acroplane]

Announcement: After two years of broadcasting with Brap FM, the time has come for Mantis Radio to move on and forward. This will be our last show for the Brighton based station. Thank you to Moif and the rest of the hosts for their support.

Featured Guest

Paul Acroplane aka DJ Acroplane Recordings has been knocking about Ireland djing at clubs, festivals and free parties for about 10 years, having played alongside artists as diverse as Autechre, Scorn, Si Begg, Clark, Boxcutter, Luke Vibert, DJ/Rupture, Surgeon, King Cannibal, Kevin Saunderson, Ebola, Yee-King, Remarc, Aaron Spectre and Bong-Ra, to name but a few. He was the main man behind Belfast’s now legendary Diston events, and now heads up the city’s Acroplane Movement shows in venues of all shapes and sizes.

Not content with that Paul started up Acroplane Recordings, a free netlabel hosting music from the likes of Boxcutter, Somatic Responses, Chevron, Mothboy, Mad EP, Ebola, Igorrr, Space Dimension Controller, Lackluster, wAgAwAgA, Red Box Recorder and Vertical67, among dozens of others. Acroplane Recordings has a diverse selection of sound on offer on the label, providing consistently high quality releases to rival any of what the big boy electronic labels can offer. For free. You cannot argue with that.

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