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Mantis Radio 131 + Anniversary Special #6

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It’s that time of year again – our Anniversary Special. A retrospective look over the past year with the 3 most popular showcase sessions re-broadcast

Phat Chex – Uncertain Future [Darkfloor Sound]
Phat Chex – Shrunken Heads [unreleased]
Derlich – Vandal [unreleased]
Si Begg – Losing It (Gella remix) [Noodles Recordings]
Amit – Acid Trip [Tempa]
ENOCH – Hype Infinite (Here It Comes) [ENOCH]
D4F4K3-P4ND4 – BUG[s] [unreleased]
Alavux – Roller [Battery Park Studios]
Dave Clarke – Wisdom To The Wise (Red 2) (Steve Rachmad Dub) [BNR]

Our 3rd most popular session

Anodyne – Empire of light (Boris Noiz mix) [Combat Recordings]
David Meiser – Transcending Your Fears [Darkfloor Sound]
Black Asteroids – Black Acid (Alva Noto Remodel) [Electric Deluxe]
Arkist – Spiderdrudge [Future Inhale]
Bas Mooy – Nastase (Developer remix02) [Audio Assault]
Bebop + Rocksteady – Rubber Sophie (Jerome Hill Stripped Back remix) [Bonus Round]
Blackmass Plastics – Ok Ozzy [Western Panorama Recordings]
C Mantle – Congener 3 [Acre Recordings]
Wulfweard – Found In Translation [TrusT]
EDMX – Cerberus [Power Vacuum]

Our 2nd most popular session

House of Black Lanterns – Broken ft. Ghettozoid [Houndstooth]
Kryptic Minds – Askum [Tectonic]
Ontal – Output [Darkfloor Sound]
Tomohiko Sagae – DSPS 2 [HueHelix]
The Black Dog – Broken Mind [Dust Science]
Jam City – The Courts [Night Slugs]
Ctrls – Evident Mechanics 002 [Token]
Savagen – RT2 [unreleased]
Mark Broom – Silenced Part 2 [Beardman]
Radioactive Man – Wreckorder [Wang Trax]
Rachel Haircut – Drench.Sf2 [Aural Sects]
Coefficient – Intrinsic Vector (Part 2) [Duality Recs]
Si Begg – Losing It (Patscan remix) [Noodles Recordings]

Our most popular session

Another Year

As we enter our 7th year of broadcasting Mantis Radio I take a retrospective look over the past year, re-playing some of my favourite tracks. Bearing in mind I played some 473 tracks across 23 shows, I’ve some task in getting that down to an hours worth.

I’ll also be playing a 20 minute edit from our 3 most popular showcase sessions over the past year, as is the tradition with these anniversary shows.

Over the weekend I looked at all the stats, taking into account downloads from the podcast, Mixcloud listens, url hits and archive visits to determine the most popular shows from the last 12 months.

For those of you interested we had close to 300k hits on those shows and our most popular show turned in nearly 45k hits. Which is huge. I’m stunned and so proud the show has reached such a big audience.

A huge thank you to all the showcased guests and labels – Rory St John, Dimentia, Boris Noiz, Villain, Robert Pain, Phat Chex, Aural Sects, Simplicity is Beauty, Somatic Responses (ambient), Scape One, Ekman, Makaton, Ingen, Borealis, Somatic Responses (hard), VNDL, Dexterous Numerics, Baeks, Ontal, Drugstore, Kawatin, Dead TV Society and most recently Nonima.

Of course thanks have to go out to all the artists and labels whose tracks I have mangled, mixed, and played on the show. A complete list of all 473 is here.

Finally, you guys, the listeners. Much love to you all for sticking with us these past six years.

We are Mantis Radio.

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