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Mantis Radio 333 – Wirewound

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Sorin Paun returns to Mantis Radio 11 years after his 2010 debut with a stunning showcase of his glitch’d techno project, Wirewound.

Hear new music from Blawan, Damne, SW2 and Sully, Remco Beekwilder, Faktor-X, Norman Nodge, Exium, HAKAI and Inhalt der Nacht, Nørbak, and Carl Finlow.

Brawny – Head On [Brawny]
Blawan – Justsa [Ternesc]
Damne – Difficulty [KR Records]
SW2 feat. Moses – Dirty South (Sully remix) [GD4YA]
Remco Beekwilder – Liberation of the Underground [Emerald]
Thom Yorke – Not The News (Overmono remix 1) [Poly Kicks]
Faktor-X – Oxugen 81 [Dalmata Daniel, EXILES, Farbwechsel]
Norman Nodge – Elefantito [Bazovoe Techno]
Nørbak – There Are Only Victims Left [Mord]
Exium – Ascendo [Pole Recordings]
Kazuya Kawakami – Cross (Scalameriya remix) [Local Sound Network]
HAKAI – Invading Executioner (Inhalt der Nacht remix) [Megastructure_]
Death In Vegas – Aisha (feat. Iggy Pop) (Nightclubbing by The Underdog) [Bite It! Recordings]
Carl Finlow – The Oberth Effect [20/20 Vision]
Visage – The Damned Don’t Cry [Polydor]

Wirewound – Thermal Expansion [unreleased]
Wirewound – Thermal Shock [unreleased]
Wirewound – Discharder ++ 0000 –– [Kaer’Uiks]
Wirewound – Discharder –+ 0000 ++ [Kaer’Uiks]
Wirewound – WWD Untitled [unreleased]
Wirewound – WWD Untitled [unreleased]
Wirewound – Discharder ++ 0000 +– [Kaer’Uiks]
Wirewound – Corrosion [unreleased]
Wirewound – WWD Untitled [unreleased]
Wirewound – Rigid Body Dynamics [unreleased]
Wirewound – Torque [unreleased]

Techno Animal – Flight of the Hermaphrodite (feat. Jon Hassell) [Virgin]

Featured Guest

Based in Romania Sorin creates glitch’d techno as Wirewound and defective electro as Datacrashrobot. His mix for us today focuses on the former, his techno, and features a horde of new and unreleased material.

Sorin first appeared on Mantis Radio 55 back in 2010 as Datacrashrobot alongside Spainish producer Logical Disorder. We’ve been looking forward to having him back, and he does not disappoint as his production mix is heavyweight thud gold.

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