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Mantis Radio 217 – feryne

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Long overdue an appearance on Mantis Radio, tonight’s guest is feryne. In the show’s first hour, hear music from Zombie Cats, Current Value, Alpturer, Laksa, Uniform, Lana Del Rabies, Vacated, Unknown Entity and MSQ.

Darkfloor Sound · Mantis Radio 217 – feryne

Zombie Cats and Safra – Trouble [Eatbrain]
Tango – Understanding [Creative Wax]
Digital – Gateman (Keaton remix) [Phantom Audio]
Current Value – Serum X (Signs remix) [Othercide Records]
Ed Rush & Optical – Insurgent [Virus]
Uniform – Symptom of the Universe [Sacred Bones]
Danny Brown – Ain’t It Funny [Warp]
Zachary Gray – Cobblestones [A Person Disguised as People]
Alpturer – LR-57 [M-Tronic]
Laksa – 66 Rebels [Mistry]
Abstract Division – Emotives [Enemy]
Alavux – Bomb [Vocode]
Tessela – Bottom Out (Kowton remix) [R&S Records]
Taiki Ozawa – Ritmo de Hydra Dos [Cicuta Netlabel]
Lana Del Rabies – He Won’t Speak My Name [Deathbomb Arc]
Swarm Intelligence – Antenna [Ad Noiseam]
Soj – Rage [SOJ]
Styx – Hit-N [Shipwrec]
MSQ – Right Turn Left [Otomo]
Unknown Entity – Feart [Unknown Entity]
Vacated – untitled#6 [unreleased]
Spooky & Boylan – All Black Winter [Oil Gang]

Mobthrow – Birds Fly High [Tympanik Audio]
Renoizer – Oklm [Renoizer]
Alg0rh1tm – Utopia [DubKraft Records]
Woulg – Empty (Malvo remix) [MethLab]
18h15 feat. Dolan Xako – Apnée [18h15]
Ruby My Dear – Hat and Beard [Kaometry records]
Zsolaa – Csepeli Korkep (Produced & Re-imagined by Illl) [Illl]
André Uhl – Marvin [Bad Panda Records]
Lorn – Entanged [Wednesday Sound]
Eigenheimer – Xurxull [Touched]
Fausto Mercier – album with eight eyes [Fausto Mercier]
Mika Technika – E E E [Mika Technika]
Pauk – Cowface [Discontinurecords]
Potential differenSe – Evans (Phylum Sinter’s 7 Sided Coin remix) [Detroit Underground]
XZICD – Stay with me (Francisco Godikinho skullpiphany mix) [Crazy Language]

Featured Guest

Nora ‘feryne‘ Volosinovszki never fails to impress with her selections and mixing. Hailing from Budapest and now based in Nijmegen we first crossed musical paths back when Mantis Radio was starting in 2007. She co-owned Subgrade Records. The label pushed glitched out bass, tech, breaks, IDM and electro – sounds she is very much engrossed by, and a staunt supporter of. In tonight’s show she delivers an impressive session, that glides from beautiful to booming and back again. For our 217th show, we welcome the formidable fox that is feryne.

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