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Mantis Radio 332 – O C O S I

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Illbient duo O C O S I are our guests today.

With music by noise legend KK Null, Thac0 Records, Hakuna Kulala, Mike Dearborn, Hedchef and D-Nite, Max Cooper’s Mesh, Pixelord, YUKU, Shipwrec, Pinch, Alan Vega, Luke Lund, and the fierce metal of I, Voidhanger Records.

Darkfloor Sound · Mantis Radio 332 + O C O S I

KK Null – Mayak 2021 [Jezgro]
Spednar – smhsfn [Thac0 Records]
Marco Passarani – Eaxade [Nature Records]
The Analog Roland Orchestra – Impact [Ornaments]
Mike Dearborn – New Dimension [Muzique Records]
Scotch Rolex – Omuzira (ft. MC Yallah) [Hakuna Kulala]
D-Nite – Substantial (Hedchef‘s Sizeable remix) [Fly By Night]
Caron – Ancestry [Shipwrec]
Jinje – Too Young For Zorb [Mesh]
Imaginary Number – Fruaki [YUKU]
Pinch – Entangled Particles [Tectonic]
Pixelord – FX twin [Hyperboloid Records]
Chafik Chennouf & Katsunori Sawa – Pseudo Operations [Opal Tapes]
Alan Vega – Muscles [Sacred Bones Records]
Luke Lund – Hostile Architecture (Kela Mix) [Ohm Resistance]

Unknown Artist – Untitled 1 [unreleased]
Paul Gannaway – Lustic [unreleased]
O C O S I – Harm [Ohm Resistance]
Concrete / Wound – Threshold of Light [Still Heat Recordings]
Lo – Tec – Acid 1
O C O S I – Basement [Ohm Resistance]
Autocreation – Protoski [Inter-Modo]
Time Binding Ensemble – Nychthemera In D Minor [Kit Records]
Konstruct – Formula 39 [Rusted Tone Recordings]
Pessimist – Grit [Blackest Ever Black]
Selm – Nineteen Voices [Opal Tapes]
O C O S I – KNEESCRAPER [unreleased]
Dexta – Sydenham Techno [AWRA]
Unknown Artist – Untitled 2 [unreleased]

Midnight Odyssey – When The Fires Cool [I, Voidhanger Records]

Featured Guest

Our guests this week are O C O S I – a project that began over 20 years ago with an album called [IN].

Formed in 1998 by Paul Molyneux, O C O S I began life as a duo with Paul leaving what he called a “sonicnoise Skullflower meets Godflesh, Ministry type unit” in 1997 and meeting likeminded producer Simon Smerdon. “We hit it off musically and we both had warped senses of humour, so that helped.” The following year the pair would release the project’s debut LP – [IN] – a release based around organic grooves, deep sound and subsonics. This was followed up in 1999 with a collaborative album between O C O S I and Horchata. Simon left the group in 2001 to pursue other projects including Mothboy, Slowraiders, and Burnthouse Lane. In 2015 he started the cassette label Still Heat Recordings. A favourite here at Darkfloor.

Paul meanwhile took O C O S I solo, releasing several albums over the years as well as appearing on various compilations. And then, last year Simon joined the project again, and back in March this year the duo released 373AHELL through Ohm Resistance. There is more material from the pair due later this year so keep an eye out.

Their session today was recorded by Simon, and features material from O C O S I as well as some of Simon’s own solo work.

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