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Mantis Radio 314 – Hedchef

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Hedchef showcases his electro meets bass meets breaks meets techno sound on today’s show.

We’ve some jungle, early drum & bass, techstep and some heavy neurofunk selections from Mike in the first hour. Including tracks from Alex Reece, Emotif Recordings, Eusebeia, Western Lore, Metalheadz, Strictly Hardcore, OtherCide Records, Bad Taste Recordings, Barcode, Love Love Records, POLAAR, and Sonic Terror. With some prog breaks, art rock and electro throb to close out the show.

Alex Reece – Basic Principles (Alex Reece Reprieve) [Metalheadz]
Deependance – The Genius [Emotif Recordings]
Eusebeia – Jah Know [Western Lore]
DJ Infinity & The Basics – Paradise (Exclusive V.I.P. remix) [Strictly Hardcore]
DJ SS – Rollidge (LP mix) [Formation Records]
Genetix – Program Three [Emotif Recordings]
Hidden Agenda – Dispatches #2 (2020 Remaster) [Metalheadz]
Tech Level 2 – Revise [Avalanche Recordings]
D.J. Force & Evolution – Lost It [Strictly Hardcore]
Kasra & Enei – Star Core [Critical Recordings]
Full Kontakt & Vegas – Terrahawk [Bad Taste Recordings]
Sinister Souls – Pleasure of Pain [Othercide Records]
Donny – Symptomless Coma (Current Value remix) [Barcode]
Enduser – Storm [Sonic Terror Recordings]
Sly & The Family Drone – Black Uniformed Strutting Animal Walk It Dry [Love Love Records]
Com Truise – Departure [Ghostly International]

Julia Zyla – Beautiful Behaviour [Ecke Records]
Feloneezy – Fukked Up [unreleased]
Twelon – Multiply [Ecke Records]
Mike Drones & Padawan Sound ft Manga – What Typa Vibe [Deep Cover]
Farsight – The Stuff [unreleased]
SPEKTRALSOUND – Paradise (Ascent) [Keysound]
Hedchef – Loggerheads [Left, Right + Centre]
Tzusing & TSVI – 24hr [Nervous Horizon]
Hedchef & 9TRANE – Thought Disorder [unreleased]
False Persona – Catalyst [self-release]
Hedchef – Hostile Attribution Bias (Doom Mix) [unreleased]
vaimler – Surge [self-release]
Manni Dee – Do What They Don’t [Perc Trax]
Walton – Tek Breath Riddim [Ilian Tape]
Vishscale – Fearing Mortals Over Gods (Metapattern Broken Edit) [Scale Trax]

Foamek – Neurotransmitter [Recycled Plastics]
Nite Fields – Voyeur [Lost Race]
ESTHER – Hedon Hack [POLAAR]
Radioactive Man – Fountain of Wine [Asking For Trouble]

Featured Guest

Born in Oxford, England, but based in Melbourne, Australia, Hedchef‘s music made an instant impact on me when I heard his remix of Pluraist’s Gallak for Birmingham’s bass music label Circular Jaw – that you can hear on Mantis Radio 309.

He makes great club thump music that sits in a niche between electro, UK bass and moody techno. A member of Oxford’s collective Deep Cover as well as a producer for Circular Jaw, Eatmybeat and Dissident Sound, his tracks are not leaving my record bag any time soon.

He runs Voltage an electro focused event series in Melbourne.

Much like his music, his DJ sets are diverse, encompassing a range of tempo and style. Always with a low end dancefloor rumble in mind of course.

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