Alex Strunz (Vector Commander) performing on music hardware
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Mantis Radio 33 – Vector Commander

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Brazilian techno talent Vector Commander lays it down hard w/ an all production mix + music from Aphex Twin, Blackmass Plastics, CJ Bolland, Mothboy, VERTICAL67, Dr Schmidt, and The Specials.

Aphex Twin – Analog  Bubblebath Vol 1 [R & S Records]
.at/on – scape-01 [test tube]
kern – KNARZER+  [phonocake]
Bad Comfort – Tiefen 040411 [phonocake]
VERTICAL67 – Cside View (Mrs Jynx remix) [Acroplane]
Z99 – Juusu Gruuvs (Casual Violence 2nd remix) [Netcords]
Z99 – Juusu Gruuvs (Esse remix) [Netcords]
Hakan Lidbo and Rob Adema – Edam [Tongut]
Pavel Ambiont – Peace Dub (Segment Version) [Segment]
Jemset – Work It [Audioexit Records]
The Specials – Ghost Town (DJG Bootleg) [self released]
Dr Schmidt – Quellcrist [Maschinen Musik]
Concrete DJz – Creator [Armatura Records]
Blackmass Plastics – Get Bigga [unreleased]
Riino – Aerial Mind [Armatura Records]
CJ Bolland – Nightbreed [R & S Records]
Parasite Audio – Clean Slash Proper [Pest Control Records]
Mothboy – Endless Summer [Acroplane]
Dave Angel – Bounce Back [R & S Records]
Thorn Industries – Do The Mash (VIP) [unreleased]
DJ Hell – My Definition of House Music [R & S Records]
VERTICAL67 – Auris (Filaria remix) [Acroplane]

Vector Commander – Vertigo
Vector Commander – Boxer
Vector Commander – Body Count
Vector Commander – Intercontinental Galaxies
Vector Commander – Descontrol
Vector Commander – Emergency
Vector Commander – Resistance
Vector Commander – Worm
Vector Commander – Barcode
Vector Commander – Virus T
Vector Commander – We Are Fight For Techno

Due to technical issues, live radio n all, there is mic channel on this episode of Mantis Radio. It’s a music only edition.

Featured Guest

Alex Strunz has always liked electronic music, ever since he first heard groups like New Order, Front 242 and Depeche Mode.

The Vector Commander project begun in 2002 and takes influence from Front Line Assembly, A Split Second, Project Pitchfork, Nitzer Ebb, and Front 242 as well as several Techno DJs including: Speedy J, Chris Liebing, Sven Vath, Thomas P. Heckmann, Terence Fixmer, Christian Varella, Dave Clake, Adam Beyer, and Richie Hawtin.

Halfway through 2005 the Vector Commander project was changed to incorporate new fusions and sonorities leaving behind the analogical sound, but keeping always, the dark dancing atmosphere.

Towards the end of 2005, triggered by deep research into experiences, new equipment. New technology appeared in Alex’s LIVE PA with analogical lines but without any boundaries, but always with live intervention as a key factor. Thus was incorporated new effects and vocoders in the live situation creating a real Techno show.

From then to now, his LIVE PA hasn’t stopped and he has been at a fair few parties, clubs and Techno raves having at his sides DJs like: Speedy J, Inigo Kennedy, Vince Watson, Dan Physics, and Ade Fenton. He has also been at Brazilian festivals and European Web radios in different countries.

His label: Extreme Forces.

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