bangwagon 2 / Clodhoppa

Broadcast number 2 for the new bangwagon radio show has landed. Well it landed 2 weeks ago pretty much straight after it was broadcast on Sunday, October 17th. But I’ve been busy with this and that and not had the chance to post it yet. But here we are, with a post addressing that very concern. Rejoice.

Clodhoppa delivers two hours of quality beats, deep rhythms and generally holds it together like a man who knows what he’s doing. The show, as previously mentioned on here with the inaugural broadcasted archive, is a regular show on NSB Radio, covering electronica of all the best kinds with a nod to the deeper shades of aforementioned electronica. Show 003 was broadcast Sunday gone (archive will be coming shortly) and I’m back hosting the show this Sunday, November 7th.

bangwagon 2 / Clodhoppa

Trentemoller – Gush
Artist Unknown – Ellesmere Port
Midland – Head Down
Will Saul – Scary Biscuits (John Tejada mix)
Riccicomoto – Only Place We KNow (Zero Gravity dub)
Vildtand ft Trentemoller, Krede & Buda – 25 Timer
Mountain People – Mountain 000.1
J Hazen – Artificial Thing
Ramadanman & Appleblim – Justify (Will Saul & Mike Monday mix)
Claude Von Stroke & Christian Martin – Groundhog Day
Sick Rick – Dry Run
Tangka – Salamander (Vishnu version)
Jericho – Judas
Koro Inu – Kilter
Pangea – Memories
CRST – Dial The Operator
Pariah – Railroad
Kulture – Vitamin D
Actraiser – Losing You
Setspeed – Two Blocks Down
Kloudbreak – The River (Mothboy remix)
Simon/Off – Bilal’s Echo
Sully – Bless


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