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Mantis Radio 299 – Nullptr

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Our session this week is by UK electro producer Nullptr.

There’s music by Squarepusher, Xhin, Objekt, Cyd, L.B. Dub Corp, Max Cooper, the wee djs, Lou Kessler, Plus 8, Ostgut Ton, Opal Tapes, and Asian Dub Foundation.

Squarepusher – Come On My Selector [Warp Records]
The Pulse Projects – Nonfunction 05 (BxH Functional Lilac Mix) [Opal Tapes]
Xhin – This Is What You Drew While You Were Half Asleep [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Objekt – Secret Snake [PAN]
Cyd – Shadows [Hxagrm Records]
dubspeeka – War Drum [Korpus 9]
L.B. Dub Corp – Nearly Africa [Ostgut Ton]
Max Cooper – Void [Mesh]
Faugust – Cold Harbour [Our Circula Sound]
the wee djs – Swarm Crisps [This Machine Is Broken]
Yak – Got The Music [Circular Jaw]
FUSE vs LFO – Loop [Plus 8]

Cestrian – Speak & Spell [Mechatronica]
Zeta Reticula – Galactic Halo [Cultivated Electronics]
Nullptr – Wake Sleep [Fanzine]
fleck E.S.C. – Ghost Town [Bass Agenda]
Pye Corner Audio – Greenpoint Hangover (Morphology remix) [Analogical Force]
Nullptr – CN2 [Fanzine]
Sync24 & Morphology – Foreign Fruit [Cultivated Electronics]
Sync24 & Luke Eargoggle – Broken Electronix [Mechatronica]
Djedjotronic – Celular [Central Processing Unit]
Datawave – Interaction [Ukonx Recordings]
w1b0 – Small Increments [Hilltown Disco]
The Exaltics – Another World Underneath [Clone West Coast Series]
Maelstrom – SPASM [C-KNOW-EVIL]
Animistic Beliefs – Succubi Island [Solar One]
214 – Dislocated [Frustrated Funk]
Jensen Interceptor – E L E K T R O [Craigie Knowes]
w1b0 – No Souls Below The Radar [Hilltown Disco]
Mesak – Spirit Ahoy [Vortex Traks]
Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor – Noise Theory [Mechatronica]
Drexciya – Hydro Theory [Clone Classic Cuts]

Asian Dub Foundation – Witness (DJ Scud remix) [Nation Records]
Dimitar Georgiev – Baium (YÅ remix) [Måinmise Records]
AN System – Torture (Julien remix) [JEROME]
Lou Kessler – Axon Terminal [Lou Kessler]
The Mamas & The Papas – Make Your Own Kind Of Music [ABC Records]

Featured Guest

Stepping into the guest session slot this week I welcome Eddie Symons. Based in the Saint Ives, UK, Eddie writes electro music as Bovaflux and Nullptr and is co-promoter of Cambridge club night Motherchip Connexion. I’ve known his music for several years now from his show on futuremusic FM, a station I ran. This year has been a great year for his music – with releases for Central Processing Unit, Solar One Music, mindcolormusic, and Fanzine Records.

Eddie’s relationship with technology formed at an early age, growing up on programming beats and video games in his bedroom. Where we would create his own virtual worlds. Something he still does by day as a video game developer.

He would make his mark on the electro scene as Nullptr with his debut for Detroit Underground. Born out of a love of analogue hardware Optical blended IDM tropes with a new electro direction. His follow-up, for Sheffield’s Central Processing Unit got attention from the scene including Radio 1 airplay from B. Traits and club support from Jensen Interceptor, Carl Finlow and DVS NME. This year also saw him release his 5th album as Bovaflux – aux4419.

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