Monday Night Mantis - February 21

Monday Night Mantis. February 21 — Metal Edition

Monday’s broadcast was our monthly Metal Edition.

It was rammed w/ recent and fresh black, death and goregrind metal from the likes of Orbit Culture / thrown / Lunar Blood / Schizophrenia / Crown Magnetar / El Moono / Gloamus / Ithaca / First Days of Humanity / Daxx & Roxane / Pungent Shroud / Fleshcrawler / Spider God / and loads more. As well as some old gold from the likes of Judas Priest and Deftones.

Listen to Monday Night Mantis, February 21
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Monday Night Mantis airs live on Twitch, Mondays at 19:00 GMT. Archive recordings are exclusively available to patrons of Mantis Radio.

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