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Mantis Radio 122 + Somatic Responses

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Mantis Radio welcomes back Welsh duo Somatic Responses, this time unleashing their trademark machine filth with a “hard” set. There’s music from Phat Chex, Bandshell, Ryuji Takeuchi, Radionasty, Levon Vincent, Depeche Mode, TM404, and Freddy Fresh.

Wraetlic – Skinflint [Convex Industries]
TM404 – 303 303 303 303 707 808 [Kontra-musik]
Synkro – Recognition [Apollo]
The Inner Shore – Subtle Elevation [Textural Records]
Mike Shannon – Made in Belgrade [Exone]
Levon Vincent – Together Forever [Novel Sound]
Phat Chex – Raymondo the 5th [unreleased]
Freddy Fresh – Years Back [Earwiggle]
Pev & Kowton – Raw Code [Hessle Audio]
Ryuji Takeuchi – All Doors Closed [HueHelix]
Depeche Mode – I Feel Loved (ad lib remix) [unreleased]
Bandshell – Nice Mullet [Liberation Technologies]
Quartersized – Blacken The Sky [Quartersized]
CWS – Society [Labrynth]
CWS – Crash then Burn [Labrynth]
Dead Sound – Bring it up a little [DSNT]
Grown Folk – Keep Few Near (Ghosts on Tape remix) [Icee Hot Records]
Ryuji Takeuchi – Geradeaus [HueHelix]
Radionasty – I Had To Spank You [Tortured]
Lakker – Deathmask [LoveLove Records]
Bandshell – Winton [Liberation Technologies]

Somatic Responses – Room 237
Somatic Responses – Strange Futures
Somatic Responses – The Illusion Of Control
Somatic Responses – Chaos Prediction
Somatic Responses – Newflesh Metalskin
Somatic Responses – Reverse Engineering
Somatic Responses – Molypuq Work Out
Somatic Responses – Puny God
Somatic Responses – Frea Chamber
Somatic Responses – Warnung Breaks
Somatic Responses – Quartz Riot
Somatic Responses – Ultrabeatmasterbator

Featured Guests

Brothers Paul and John Healy first graced the show back in early October 2012, recording an exclusive ambient session for us. On tonight’s show they present the sound they made their name with, namely hard, dark and at times brutal electronics.

The duo remain ever prolific in their studio work, with their latest, the LP Puny God having dropped last week. Ten tracks of in your face machine grind. with little to no let up thunder through their runtime.

And then there is their remix of Resurrection by Fire at Work which saw release back in December. For more on the pair, head to their SoundCloud, Twitter and Bandcamp profiles.

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