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Mantis Radio 317 – Salford Electronics

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Salford Electronics, the low profile but prolific British producer, is our guest today on Mantis Radio.

We’ve new music by Ryuji Takeuchi, Shawn Rudiman, Lapis, Lauren Bousfield, Hieroglyphic Being, DJ Slyngshot, ASC, Plike, and John Monkman. As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also got music by Bjork, Depeche Mode, Francois K, Techno Animal, JK Flesh, ttllrr remixing Dorian Electra, Ultrademon, and Junglismonk.

If the show had a theme, it would, this week, be love and death.

Yellow Belly – Fall Apart In Love (Plike remix) [Yellow Belly]
Dorian Electra – Live By The Sword (tttlllrrr remix) [unreleased]
Techno Animal – Dead Man’s Version [Matador] (2001)
Bjork – Who Is It (Fruit Machine Mix) [One Little Indian]
Lauren Bousfield – Futurelessness [Deathbomb Arc]
Ryuji Takeuchi – Paradise Lost [Local Sound Network]
Depeche Mode – Strangelove [Mute]
François K – Mindspeak (Danny Tenaglia Hard & Soul mix) [Wave Music]
Shawn Rudimann – Leaving Earth Behind [Pittsburgh Tracks]
JK Flesh – Super Human [electric deluxe]
Lapis – Possy (Nuage remix) [Loose Lips]
ASC – Nova [Arts]
Hieroglyphic Being – Endless Wisdom [Mathematics]
DJ Slyngshot – Untitled A1 [Workshop]

Salford Electronics – Deansgate Square (Robert Laing mix)
Primitive Knot – Brutalism (SE No Feelings mix)
Salford Electronics – Lost Tunnel
ANZAK – Hexanedioic Acid
Salford Electronics – A303 (A Moment In Time)
Vatican Shadow & Salford Electronics – Deconstruction (Inside The Crosshairs)
Salford Electronics – Relentless
Salford Electronics – Sulk
Salford Electronics – Reverence

Lady Grew – DC Napoleon (Swarm Intelligence remix) [Acre Recordings]
Ultrademon – Step Into Liquid (Wayback Mix) [Coral Records Internazionale]
Polo Lilli – Broken City [Polo Lillli]
Notorious – Feel Love [Production House]
Junglismonk – Dark Dolla (Phuture-T remix) [Modified Magic]
John Monkman – Sine [Beesemyer Music]

Featured Guest

In session for episode 317 we present an artist showcase from a prolific producer who prefers to keep a low profile – Salford Electronics.

From lush ambient to shadowy techno and many points between, Salford Electronics is no stranger to the British industrial soundscape. Having written, produced and released music since the early 80s across a myriad of groups – including noise punk duo The Grey Wolves – David Padbury is an experienced musician and noise maker.

It’s with great pleasure we share a mixtape of his solo material, a remix of the mighty doom’y noise band Primitive Knot, and a track from his collaborative EP with US industrial messiah, Dominick Fernow’s Vatican Shadow, on this week’s Mantis Radio.

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