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Mantis Radio 173 – DEFCE

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DEFCE provide one of the most brutal and punishing guest sessions to date. Their experimental drumcode sound thunders forward so brace yourself. We’ve music from clipping., True Neutral Crew, Clark, Radial’s Museum, Ontal, Ghostpoet, Demdike Stare, House of Black Lanterns, Fleck ESC, Gondwana, and Skee Mask.

Blakbody – Wake Dynamics [Acre Recordings]
True Neutral Crew – Squad Up (ft. The Soft Pink Truth) [Deathbomb Arc]
MyDeadWhale – SDRA-8 [unreleased]
Gondwana – Binaural Beats [Opal Tapes]
clipping. – Body + Blood (BLKHRTS remix) [Deathbomb Arc]
House of Black Lanterns – 8 Million Stories [Hypercolour]
Clark – Word [Clark]
Museum – BBB [Radial Records]
Jose Pouj – FMO (Orphx remix) [Injected Poison Records]
Dronelock + Ontal – Superior Mirage [Shadow Story]
Grudges – The Followers (Create Her remix) [end fence]
Untold – Doff [Hemlock Black]
Skee Mask – Cylo [Ilian Tape]
Novelist x Mumdance – 1 Sec (instrumental) [XL]
Ghostpoet – Cold Win (Emetic’s CV3 remix) [Martyn Hare]
Demdike Stare – Patchwork [Modern Love]
Fleck ESC – Nice Guy (Pip Williams remix) [Electrix]

Jonny Greenwood – Convergence
Ancient Methods – When All Is Said And Done
Planetary Assault Systems – Rip The Cut
Purposed For Greed
Lucy – Catch Twenty Two (Shapednoise remix)
Lilac Requiem
Cristian Vogel – New Values
What We Were When I Die
m^2 – Whores, Smoke & Shadows
Drone Sash
Northern Solace
Helial Harvester
Phylum Roller
Limewax – Sküll Demo

Featured Guest

Razor sharpened, hard, heavy, blisteringly paced technoid – DEFCE is the sound of drumcode.

DEFCE is the combined efforts of American artists, DeQualia and SHVLFCE. Long time friends who’s creative synergy organically aligns as DeQualia’s lush and reserved approach tames SHVLFCE’s primordial aggression to come together and form the perfect beast. Their collaboration represents a unique palette conveyed through a multitude of mediums and forms.

A deep-seeded appreciation for the emergent and subtle nature of techno, applied to the quantum detail of drum and bass production, has yielded a highly expressive body of sound best characterized as “drumcode”.

The guest mix the Ohm Resistance signed duo recorded for the show is a seriously sick barrage of abuse.

We composed our mix around the time the album was being finished last summer. It packages the story told by Surface Tension into the drumcode format and we find the way drumcode is delivered here fairly forgiving.

Since this session and the album drop, we’ve returned to our beta site, Subland, where DEFCE maintains a residency at SHVLFCE’s Gabber Noir event series. We’re able to regularly hack our code there – we experiment without consequence. We’ve learned a lot already; we’re definitely getting sportier.

You can catch the duo live at Berlin’s Subland, this Friday Feb 6th.

Mantis Radio is back, Feb 17th with a session from Aux Field.

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