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Mantis Radio 245 – Mallory

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In session an all electro selection from the indelible Mallory. We’ve music from Alan Vega, Si Begg, Dep Affect, Run Dust, Bombardier and loads more in the show’s first half.

Darkfloor Sound · Mantis Radio 245 – Mallory

Girl Pusher – Decapitation [Deathbomb Arc]
Huxley Anne – Celadon (feat. Flavio Rocha) [Dome Of Doom Records]
Run Dust – Leisure Village [In Paradisum]
Production Unit Xero – Astral Decryption [Component Recordings]
Dalhous – Thoughts Out Of Season [Blackest Ever Black]
Primitive World – Purple Caps [Obsession Recordings]
ALIEN No.155 – Behind An Open Door [Deep Garnet Records]
Bombardier – Surface of the Moon [Division 13]
Alan Vega – Motorcycle Explodes [Fader Label]
Island People – kindling [Raster Noton]
Verge – Transient [Avian]
Monica Hits The Ground – Murmurs As I Knelt [Horizontal Ground]
Stingrays – Central Point [Kidnapping]
Dep Affect – Old War [Club Poison]
Si Begg – Parallel Air Ducts [Shitkatapult]

Mallory – My Machines Come From Hell [unreleased]
VC-118A – Vaxna [AC Recordings]
Silicon Scally – Selectron [Carl Finlow Electro Productions]
M-Twelve – TIME [Electrix]
unknown – unknown
M-Twelve – TIME (Transparent Sound remix) [Electrix]
Univac – Lunik [30drop Records]
The Resonance Committee – Change [Cultivated Electronics]
unknown – unknown
Sync 24, Silicon Scally – Sine Vibes [Cultivated Electronics]
unknown – unknown
M-Twelve – All The Things [Electrix]
Univac – NULL [30drop Records]
Zeta Reticula – Reticulum [Electrix]
The Resonance Committee – We Are Visionary [Cultivated Electronics]
Zeta Reticula – Solar Analogs [Electrix]

Featured Guest

This week Mantis Radio sees Digital Distortions’ Neil Mallory step up with an all electro flex for our guest session.

Mallory began in ’98 exploring the world of dark basements, naughty basslines and formidable 4am grooves. Pursuing the beats on the edge that don’t quite fit in with the norm.

He is one half of Leeds electronic weaponry imprint Digital Distortions, the DJ pair Horror Brawl, mix series BRAWLcast and the fortnightly futuremusic FM show IDENTIFY. He is a fantastic DJ that skill in the mix matches his selections. He’s gone from being a friend of the show, to a friend in real life. Long overdue a spot on the show, he doesn’t hold back, dropping an hour of fresh and upcoming electro cuts, including a brand new piece from himself to open up the mix.

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