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Mantis Radio 258 – Weldroid

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In session, the beautiful of electronics of Sweden’s Weldroid.

And, music from Jega, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Stave, Cabaret Voltaire, Developer, Snowbeasts, Hiroaki Iizuka, and Mantis favourite Yullippe.

Cale Parks – Big Hills [Hakt Recordings]
Jega – Intron.ix [Planet Mu]
Supersentient Intelligence Construct – Residual Matter [[d]-tached records]
Abyss X – Humiliation [Danse Noir]
Ryuichi Sakamoto – ZURE (Cornelius remix) [Milan Records]
Ton Mise – Super April Fools [Acroplane]
Boyd Goosman – Sad Poem (Kamikaze Space Programme Dub version) [Aequilon Records]
Snowbeasts – Interference [m-tronic]
Stave – TASC US [Standards & Practices]
Cabaret Voltaire – Kino [Virgin]
Developer – Leather Corset [CONCERNS Music]
Cleric – Tag X [Soma Records]
Darqwan – Said The Spider (Surgeon remix) [Texture Records]
Hiroaki Iizuka – Inside [Self Reflektion]
Yullippe – Orbit [Yullippe]

Nowhere, Never [Touched Music]
Copy on Fail [Section27]
Unprintable [unreleased]
Pillow Fight Wounds (feat. Illl) [Touched Music]
Pinar Akbay – Light as Rain (Weldroid remix) [Section27]
Backyard Experiments [Section27]
lowershop Monsters [Touched Music]
Call me when its over [Section27]
The Unterman [Section27]
Delaykliniken – No Matter (Weldroid remix) [Touched Music]

Featured Guest

Stepping up to the guest session this week we are very pleased to welcome Weldroid, and his resplendent electronics sound.

the 8-bit emulation of an electrical engineer, a CGI artist and a coffee connoisseur merged into one person and left alone in the middle of a forest in the middle of a forgotten peninsula built of discarded and ancient electronic devices and lots of copper wire.

Since 2008’s Strangehold on the long running netlabel Kahvi Collective. To earlier this year and January’s split release with Illl – Wrath of the GodsStockholm’s Tamas Zsiros has continued to release a plenitude of deeply beautiful electronic sound. Complete with waves of drifting glitch, widescreen synth vistas and an optimistic, often melancholic emotive feel. A sound most would recognise as IDM.

His session today is an all production mix of his work, including two of his recent remixes.

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