Mantis Radio 135 + Go Hiyama


Mantis Radio present a superb mix from Japanese techno ambassador, DJ and producer Go Hiyama.

We’ve music by dBridge, Ancient Methods, Ingen, Robert Pain, Uexkull (Bitstream), Alex Smoke, Tessela, Factory Floor, and Mika Vainio.

dBridge & Skeptikal – Move Way [R & S Records]
Ancient Methods – Guardians of an Eternal Bliss [Unknown Precept]
Ricardo Tobar – If I Love You (Samuel Kerridge remix) [Desire Records]
South London Ordnance – Modular Splash (Factory Floor – NVC remix) [Aery Metals]
Afriqua – Tanz [F4TMusic]
Peter Van Hoesen – To Alter A Vector (Ø [Phase] remix) [Time to Express]
Alex Smoke – Dust (Tessela remix) [R & S Records
Ingen – Those Who Know, Know [Tribal Waves Recordings]
Steel Grooves – Funk Monk (Andrei Morant remix) [Sonic Convergence]
Uexkull – all rac [Brutalist Sunset]
Versalife – Electrostatic Discharge [Clone West Coast Series]
South London Ordnance + Femme En Fourrure – Obsidian [Aery Metals]
Robert Pain – Mozda umres [Black Queen]
Charlton – Hypersalivation [Mord]
Savagen – Dirty Mother [unreleased]
Gheists – Unja Stair (Corvx de Timor remix) [Gheists]
Tokee – PA (Free Masonry mix By Frontier Guards) [CRL Studios]
Mika Vainio – Scale [Blast First Petite]

Surgeon – Dark Matter [Dynamic Tension]
Go Hiyama – LecorW [HueHelix]
Go Hiyama – Common Blank (OM remix 2nd Edit) [Warm Up]
Thomas Hessler – Outburst [Graphene]
Sleeparchive – Papercup [Sleeparchive]
Go Hiyama – Defector (loop) [HueHelix]
Adriana Lopez – Preface [Grey Report]
Pfilter – Universe [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Shifted – Bloodless [Mote Evolver]
Robert Hood – Drive (Ø [Phase] remix) [Music Man]
Radial – Asial [Mord
Sleeparchive – 3 [Tresor]
Go Hiyama – untitled [unreleased]
Takaaki Itoh – Slicer (Sleeparchive remix [Wols]
Phase – Binary Opposition [Token]
Planetary Assault System – Thwack [Mote Evolver]
Ken Ishii – Extra (Luke Slater remix) [R & S Records]
Shifted – Sector D [Avian]
Inigo Kennedy – Collector [Token]
Oscar Mulero – Disinformation (Developer remix) [Warm Up]
Makaton – Goatbone (Regis + Female remix) [Rodz Konez]


Fresh from our RTE 2fm takeover cover show for Sunil Sharpe – featuring that ridiculously good Casual Violence session and the first interview ever with Death Abyss – we keep things in the sphere of heavy edged techno thud, travelling to Japan to draft in a session from Tokyo’s Go Hiyama.


Tokyo, Japan has quite the love affair with techno. They worship Jeff Mills and welcome with open arms some of the worlds best practitioners and pushers of the sound. Not to mention Dommune. Yet they also have their homegrown talent – one such ambassador for Japanese techno is Go Hiyama.

His production work is championed by Bas Mooy, Oscar Mulero, Token, Perc Trax, and Paul Boex amongst others – whilst being supported by just about any decent DJ you care to name pushing the harder, tougher stuff. HueHelix, his current label project, continues to release some fine and fierce techno – their latest Tomohiko Sagae’s Sleep Deprivation EP is frankly. Dangerous.

His exclusive Mantis Radio session promises to be a captivating thunder thud workout.

Elsewhere in the show I’ve new music from Mika Vainio, Ancient Methods, dBridge, Charlton, Robert Pain, Alex Smoke, Samuel Kerridge, Ingen, Factory Floor, Savagen, South London Ordnance and more.

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