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Filter Dread steps up for the Mantis Radio session with a grimey bass showcase. We’ve new music from Adam X, Dead Fader, King Cannibal, Clouds, Manni Dee, Sunil Sharpe, and more.

Dead Fader – Dancefloor Nemesis [Combat Recordings]
Bellerophone – Sisyphean Struggle [From A Tree]
Black Rain – Watering Hole [Blackest Ever Black]
The Future Sound of London – Somatosensory [fsoldigital]
King Cannibal – Doomsday Dancehall [Combat Recordings]
Clouds – Blood Skating [Turbo Recordings]
Developer – Clench Of Fist [Planet Rhythm]
Modeo – Purist Baptist [Audioexit]
Gunnar Haslam – Ataxia No Logos [Delsin]
Dronelock & Ontal – Superior Mirage [Shadow Story]
Kamikaze Space Programme – Network Rail [Mote Evolver]
Sunil Sharpe – Jamm 1 [Trensmat]
Joe Farr – Gabba Problems [Don’t]
Imploded View – Neon Bird [Blurry Pup Records]
Graze – Thundare [New Kanada]
Roebin De Freitas – Snitch [Ante Rasa]
Adam X – Irreformable [Sonic Groove]
VSK – 1.1 (Complex Mix) [Complex Adaptive Systems]

Filter Dread – SP love
Filter Dread – SP love part 2
Filter Dread – GXG saturday sequence
Dark0 – 02 wavey
Filter Dread – untitled
Filter Dread – dream stutters
Luke Benjamin – moving on
Filter Dread – untitled
Filter Dread – untitled
Filter Dread – untitled
Filter Dread – Public energy
Visionist – Pain
Acre and Filter Dread – Unknown
Filter Dread – untitled
Filter Dread – untitled
Tiltmode – ellen cyborg (Filter Dread remix)
Tiltmode and Filter Dread – Flow Mendez
Filter Dread – untitled
Filter Dread – untitled

Savier – Guts Rage [Blood Funny Clown]
Drax – Phosphene (AnD remix) [Perc Trax Ltd.]
Manni Dee – Sister Nobody (Mønic Version) [Osiris Music UK]
weldroid – No time to complain [tonAtom]

Featured Guest

UK producer Filter Dread makes music which takes is influence from a wide range of different sounds that have emerged from underground electronic music scenes over the last few decades. Including Techno, Drum and Bass, Grime, Garage and Acid House.

Interested in the relationship between digital and analogue sounds, he’s immersed himself in different techniques and processes in order to produce work like this years Midi Space (Ramp Recordings), last years Space loops (No Corner) and 2012s’s Hyper Lost on Lost Codes.

He’s long had an interest in music that sounds as though it were made by a machine, electronic music, and the methods in which it is created.

Dread’s interest includes the emotion and imperfection, and works at balancing these elements within his music. There’s also an energy which he strives to capture in his music, the energy is lurking within the mind he says, but it’s not always obtainable.

Expect more music from him later this year and into 2015.

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