Mantis Radio 070 + DeFeKT

by on October 03, 2010 in Broadcasts

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We’ve hit the big seven zero with our little Mantis Radio show. In session this week, rising Irish electro talent – DeFeKT.

Extreme Music – Fire Nation [Extrememusic]
.at/on + v4w.enko – Slow Motion [Entity Records]
Ben Frost – Peter Venkman Pt.1 [Bedroom Community]
K.Larm + J.Raninen – Sleepers Sled [Audiocast Productions]
Max Duley – Start the End [ARC(ANE)]
Anodyne – Darken (Anodyne remix 06.9) [Psychonavigation Records]
Joey Beltram – Fractuals [Kombination Research]
Erissoma – A Shutdown In the Time [Abstrakt Reflections]
Senking – Unlighted [Raster-Noton]
The Bug – Skeng (Autechre dub) [dub]
DJ Shadow – Def Surrounds Us [The New Futility]
+ Decal – The Flow [Decal-Artifacts]
Marc Houle – Drift [Minus]
Black Smith Craft – Cow Power (Ben Gibson remix) [Limetree]
Mad-Tek – The Dark Age (Rory St John remix) [Digital Distortions]
Rabitza – Parallel Lines (live) [Russian-Techno]
Dfndr, Kibz & Kanden – Lizard (Lag remix) [dub]
Scott Robinson – Survival of the Fatness [dub]
Altered Natives – Digital Watches [dub]
Moth Cloth Midi – Welcome to Rapture [Caoutchou Records]
DJG – Lost Time [DJG]
Sinners Inc – Drop the Bass [dub]
Deftones – Prince (Bassnectar remix) []
Beckenhower – Process #1 [Kreislauf]

DeFeKT – Replicants Mind
DeFeKT – Her Devices
DeFeKT – Systolic Array
DeFeKT – We Are Automated
ESS –  Hyperbelt Project
DeFeKT – Other Machines
ESS – Recall
L-Systems – CA1d
DeFeKT – Modular System
DeFeKT – Our Future
L-Systems – (A < B), (B > AB)
ESS – Memory Select
Oktal – 16 Fold

broadcast 03/10/2010


It’s official, we are a pensioner in the world of radio. We’ve reached the grand old age of 70 shows. A huge thank you to the continued support of all you listeners out there. To celebrate hitting the milestone we’ve got an amazing producer in, providing an exclusive showcase guest mix.


Defekt aka Irish electro fiend Matt Flanagan is hitting up the second hour of the show. Celebrating his début album release Stimulus. Which is just awesome from start to finish. Don’t just take my word for it. He’s been gathering support from the likes of Dexorcist, Dave Clarke, Keith Tucker (Aux88), with the album being dubbed “a future classic” by the mighty Scape One. It really is something else. If you like the cold electro bump of artists like Silicon Scally and early Anthony Rother you’re going to lap this up.

He’s put together a Serato based set composed of his own tracks, as DeFeKT, ESS (Electronic Speech Systems) and L-System (a collaborative project with Ken Hearte aka Grizzle). Utilizing heavy use of modular synthesis through, DeFeKT production ability is accomplished, deep, and sharp. His work as ESS and L-system are recorded as live jams.

The LP is out now on the Irish Takeover Recordings with an accompanying limited 12″ featuring 4 of the most essential cuts from the album. His rather fine remix of Rogue Frequency‘s Forgotten Secrets from the Dark Technologies EP, also on Takeover Recordings is not long out. And with a further DeFeKT track on Exakt‘s Electro Endeavour mix/compilation LP on Bass Frequency Productions, DeFeKT is a name that is going to remain synonymous with superbly produced electro for some time to come.

You can drop an order for the 12″ direct with the Takeover Recordings crew.

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