Mantis presents / mrseavers – Serpent Mix

So here we have our 3rd Mantis presents. Coming quite fittingly from our 3rd showcased DJ on the show: mrseavers. He guested on Mantis Radio back in mid 2007 and did a storming set, live in the studio. We’ve remained good mates since. He helped host the 4th show and around December 2007 we decided to occasionally perform together as CONFOUNDED.

You can find Mr Seavers as one of the residents up at Nottingham’s relentless Pure Filth night. Check Talk To Filth for more details. Enjoy.

Mantis presents / mrseavers – Serpent Mix

Sven Wittekind – Invida (The Advent mix) [T:Classix]
Techno Killers – Techno Killah (Milano mix) [Industrial Strength]
Space DJz – Crime and Puhisment [Blackout Audio]
The Postman – The Anus Incident (Overdrive)
Robert Natus – C64 Core Protection (Knarz version) [T:Classix]
Tadox – New Life [Wired]
Technogladiators – Ische Rocke [Nerven]
Quick + Smart – Boister [Miditonal]
Jackfoundation – Jackin’ + Crackin’ [N7]
The Infamous Player – Player 18 [Player]
Ignition Technician – Club Fights [Advanced]
Adam Beyer – Drumcode 9 [Drumcode]
Michael Forshaw – Cheerleaders [Chan ‘n’ Mike’s]
Andreas Kremer and Thomas Pagodl – Bienenstich [Blackout Audio]
Radial – Guillotine [Arms]
Mike Humphries – Night Flights (Airport Mix) [Patterns]
Ben Long – Poundz (Tortured)
DK – Murder was the Bass [DK]
DJ Rush + Robert Natus – Dirty Dragonfly [Bitshift]
Muff + Tantrum – Doin the Loop [Kinky Stump]
X-Tension – Damaged Brain [Matame]
Wortex – Schkripa [Braindamage]
Andreas Kremer – The Way of the Drum (Frank Kvitta remix) [Lifeforms]
Jeff Amadeus – Squat 1 [Squat]
Jason Leach – Fuck It (Live) [Death To Vinyl]

Thanks to Mark.


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