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by on October 16, 2009 in Broadcasts

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Coinciding with his debut EP for midnightminustwo, OG records an all artist showcase session for Mantis Radio.

The Prodigy – Breathe (Numbernin6 remix) [Fruitlegs]
Cooly G – Weekend Fly [Hyperdub]
Fuck Buttons – New Crossbow [ATP Recordings]
Burial – South London Boroughs [Hyperdub]
litmus0001 – Still Cool With Lettuce [Clinical Archives]
Byetone – To Fade Away [Raster-Noton]
Tatsu – Yet Another [Bumpfoot]
Fuck Buttons – Surf Solar (7″ edit) [ATP Recordings]
Smashback – Ladder (Ion Driver remix) [dub]
Krzho – Blackjack [Bumpfoot]
Joy Orbison – Wet Look [Hotflush]
Maleza – Lancer [Antiritmo]
Hoth System – The Sky Is Angry [dub]
Si Begg – Entry Level Portable Synthesizer [Noodles]
Koolmorf Widesen – Bow94 [theCentrifuge]
Molez – Mimicry (Full Spektrum remix) [dub]
Gunjack – Spanish Trap (remix) [Planet Rhythm]
Noisia – Diplodocus (Feis-T remix) [dub]
Neil Landstrumm – Schlump Funk [Planet Mu]
The Black Dog – Tunnels Ov Set (The Bass Soldiers’ Manor Tip Mix) [Soma]
Ghosthack – Decepticon [dub]
Oxynucid – The Dark Prince of Pain [theCentrifuge]

OG – Nothing But (Ambient Version)
OG – The Last (Part 2)
OG – Lovely Growler
OG – Rising Damp
OG – Time Keeps On Slipping
OG – Baga Beach
OG – Believe
OG – Wings of Fire (Dub)
OG – Broken
OG – The Last (Part 1)

Florence + the Machine – You’ve Got The Love (The xx remix) [dub]

broadcast 16/10/2009


Manchester’s OG first picked up on production when he was 16, within a year of buying his first set of turntables. Staying up until stupid o’clock on schoolnights listening to loops and beats for hours on end honed his production style. Inspired primarily by the works of Hybrid, BT and Way Out West, it was the discovery of breakbeat that really fuelled him to find his way in music.

Picking up influences from dubstep, breaks and drum & bass whilst never losing that trancey edge, OG’s first EP is out on midnightminustwo recordings on October 16th and the follow-up is in the works.

OG also co-hosts the bi-weekly No Skool Breaks show with Harka on NSB Radio – playing a variety of breaks, dubstep, drum & bass and techno.

Missed a show? Catch up with the extensive archives.

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