Lucy Claire – Suite

Ghosting Season‘s Gavin Miller presents the widescreen two track EP, Suite, from contemporary classical composer Lucy Claire, released on his This Is It Forever imprint.

I say widescreen because the music contained within has such a soundtrack like quality to it. It would go unnoticed if you placed it over a scene from Les Revenants, the recent series that Mogwai sound-tracked so well. The acoustic instrumentation is perfectly balanced against field recordings with touches of electronics. It’s melodic, unhurried and uncluttered. If you picked up the recent We Are Failed EP by Russell M Harmon on Rano, then this will fit into your life perfectly.

It is music that takes you outside, into unfamiliar settings but with familiar sounds. The milieu of the world is present in the tracks, warm and comforting yet strange and haunting. There is a slight dust on all the sounds.

If Lucy Claire is not a name appearing in the end titles of great cinema soon then it’s a sad loss indeed.


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