the Darkfloor Daily 2013-11-08

Laica again showcases the sounds that fill the air around him and the things he looks forward to hearing more of.

Gavin Miller finishes his triptych of solo releases with the excellent Manuskript on This Is It Forever. This time he takes his krautrock influences and manages to tune them into a junglist drone epic backed up with a nice cosmic ambient piece. CD copies will have almost certainly sold out by now, but digital is available.

Nicholas Bernier’s Frequencies (Synthetic Variations) on Entr’acte. I strongly recommend this to anybody who likes the Raster-Noton label, Nicholas Bernier has taken a step away from his field recording based work to put together an album of rhythmic sine wave variations static and glitch. I’ve been listening to this under headphones and it is a really engaging album. The CD inlay says random playback recommended and it works

The Bow EP on Modal Analysis. AnD are set to release another of their brilliant bass and breaks style techno missiles; this time via Modal Analysis and coming fresh off the back of the recent digital release of Yves De May’s equally brilliant Transfer EP.

Showing that this isn’t just thrown together we now move on to the new EP by Yves De Mey: Frisson is released only on CD and is on the label (Archives Interieures). A  joint venture between Yves and his Sendai band mate Peter Van Hoesen, Frisson is a 5 track EP of hypnotic slow-mo analogue modular tech-noise and comes backed up with 2 remixes. One from Peter Van Hoesen and one from Miles both of whom tear into the originals making darker fractured versions.

LBNHRX’s OPA on Cleaning Tapes. I have no idea how to pronounce this or what it means but the music contained within proves that Cleaning Tapes are another small label building a really strong catalogue. Blurring the lines between house techno and acid OPA is an album perfectly suited to night bus window gazing or kitchen boogie.

Brad Rose has been busy on more than one project of late; sneaking out Night Circus. His new Charlatan album of the most frayed at the edges kind, synths, fractured pads and fractal beats coming via Digitalis. (This is not the album I mentioned in my last report, more on that in the future).

Secondly though is Sahreek Hayaat by Safiyaa who are Brad Rose as mentioned and Pat Murano or Decimus as you may know him. Decimus has already had a lot of air time in my house this year via his releases on NNA Tapes and Further Records. I’m finding myself listening to long form pieces more and more and this album (on Umor Rex) is really fitting into place.

Lastly from me and making sure we cover all bases is Nominal Musics’ Mute Response.

A 22 track compilation put together as a labour of love by Mat Smith to celebrate 10 years of his Mute Records dedicated blog Documentary Evidence, Mute has been and will continue to be a massively influential label and that influence is clear to see in the range of music contained within.

I wanted to find a way of highlighting just how important Mute has been for electronic music. It would have been really easy to ask for straight cover versions of Mute’s best moments but I really wanted to find a way of capturing the essence of what the label means to people instead. In the end I did agree to one cover version being included (MO75’s beautiful instrumental take on Depeche Mode’s ‘See You’). It’s a real mixture of dark and light, which was one of the things I really wanted to showcase.


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