Hound Scales – Femen on Fifth Wall

The Brooklyn based label Fifth Wall Records is younger and newer to the scene than you might think. I say this as the label has only been around this year and each release (they’ve done nine already) has without exception offered up techno gold. Femen, their 7th EP and focus of this drop, has been out since September and is, for me, one of my favourites.

EP author Nico Jacobsen (aka Hound Scales)┬áruns Fifth Wall with Divvorce. Whilst some labels can be weak vanity projects for producers who, some might argue reluctantly, allow other artists on the roster to avoid ego mania, in the case of this imprint there are no such concerns. This is laid to rest quite strongly with Femen’s opener – A Clique of Tough Women. A booming, dark as hell, grinder. Like a demon knocking down the door, blood dripping from his jaws, ready to take revenge on you and all you hold dear. This track. This track is all the best kinds of intense heavy bleak techno – and it sounds like little else.

Throated is a straighter, no less clanking slab of work with sharp yet rusty hihats. I love me some sharp hihats. And those ethereal chords.

A dedication to the powerful women that have sculpted his life, the release sees the artist setting out to create the story of their impact on him by distilling these and other major influences into a techno format.

On the flip are two remixes of the A side from Japan’s Yuji Kondo and Bleaching Agent. Kondo’s remix is snappier, more electro-like, be it under that layer of murk. Fantastic.

Bleaching Agent offers the reflective deeper cut of the EP reworking Throated into a serene yet tough piece.

Basically – yea. Good stuff.


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