Totte – Restless on Slime Recordings

From years of working in a kitchen with a mad, Sicilian and The Shangri-Las obsessed chef, it’s a bit of a surprise to hear a messed up sample of them at their best open the title track of Swedish producer Totte‘s garage release.

Even odder is that it unfolds into a soulful, deep two-step number. It’s not a smooth, overly preened version of garage however, layered as it is with bits of cut and paste vocals and melodies, avoiding that nice but empty feel some of the later two step efforts. Think classic Zinc, and you’re not too far off.

The flip, Communication, is a more blissed out affair. This time though, the cut and paste snippets detract from the flow, but its still the kind of thing I’d have loved to hear on an essential mix at 5am on the drive back from the club, with a wandering, warm bassline, organic key stabs and lush pads. Like Restless it has an old school vibe without sounding retro, which is always a plus, and although touted as a dancefloor track, this sits well in a post-club repertoire.


1. Totte – Restless
2. Totte – Communication
Slime Recordings / SLM028


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