Ghosting Season – Music From The Film Shell Shocked

This Is Forever follow up the recent repress of I am a Ghost by Winter Son by bringing both Tom and Gavin back together in their Ghosting Season guise for a short and sweet album of back from the dead drones and no heartbeat ambience.

Music From The Film Shell Shocked does exactly what it says on the tin and the big news with this particular release is that it comes with a copy of the film it soundtracks on DVD (embedded below). Shell Shocked is the work of director Dominic Brunt, better known to many as Paddy from Emmerdale. His film received great reviews upon its release in 2013.

Brunt, hot on the heels of his gloriously gory zombie flick ‘Before Dawn’, quickly made the 12 minute horror short ‘Shell Shocked’ last year, and when asked to flesh out its brooding, claustrophobic atmospherics, Ghosting Season responded with a deep, droning soundtrack that’s all at once hypnotic, unsettling and very intense.

The limited edition, handmade CD will come with a copy of the film included for your viewing pleasure.

Available from This is Forever next week, January 27th.


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