Weldroid’s ‘Attitude Indicator’ on netlabel Kahvi

Following a recommendation on the Recent Music Heroes site and already having a fair few Kahvi releases, I had high expectations for Weldroid‘s album.

Released on one of the longest running netaudio labels, Kahvi are rapidly approaching their 300th release (they’ve reached #297 at the time of writing).

With 15 tracks on offer, all displaying a deeper knowledge of production, this is well worth a bit of your bandwidth in obtaining. Tamas Zsiros’ work as Weldroid draws comparisons to electronica heavyweights Autechre and Dopplereffekt as Kert Semm of Recent Music Heroes writes:

having its flow on a blend of motorik gears and electro-esque blurbing of the robot-alikeness in the style of Autechre or Dopplereffekt, respectively.

Weldroid – Attitude Indicator

Weldroid – Angels5
Weldroid – Not Every Neuron
Weldroid & Wolandroid – Ninja
Weldroid – Dear Hunter Sincerely
Weldroid – Doppler Effect
Weldroid – Tabby Cat
Weldroid – Silicon Man Extraterrestrial
Weldroid – Thermionic Emission
Weldroid – Bonchida Dreamin
Weldroid – Best Effort
Weldroid – Dear Hunter
Weldroid – Ninja Glasses
Weldroid – Silicon Jah
Weldroid – The Lost Song
Weldroid – Bonchida


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