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DVNT – April 2013

Spring finally arrives in London, my hay fever returns with it and I turn 30. Here’s my 10 track pick for April.

Click the label link for samples and/or places to get the tracks.

April 2013
EDMX – Cerberus [Power Vacuum]
Global Goon – Bewd’s Recipricol [The Centrifuge]
Rivet – Vermont [Naked Index]
Simplicity is Beauty – Heavy Industry [Lasergum]
Blackmass Plastics – Ok Ozzy [Western Panorama Recordings]
Mutant – AUM [Pareto Park]
Miles – Status Narcissism [Modern Love]
Original Console Generation – [Vocode Records]
Matt Whitehead – A Is For Acid (MPIA3 Definition) [Perc Trax Ltd.]
Echologist – More Instinct [Prologue]

Sure fire deadly weapon business from a diverse producer usually found in the electro realms, from funky to bass – Cerberus by EDMX aka Ed DMX is a powerhouse of steroid enhanced warehouse hard, techno.

The ever prolific Johnny Hawk aka Global Goon turns in a fantastic melody rich acidic electro roller for The Centrifuge’s latest compilation Continuum Hypothesis. Diverse and essential that comp.

When Rivet arrived on the techno scene a few years ago noone knew who Rivet was. Eventually the truth will out and it happens to be Grovskopa‘s new alias; a bit deeper than his previous incarnation but no less impressive. Vermont the last cut on his Inside Looking Out EP from 2011. Proper breakbeat enriched techno this. Absolutely wonderful.

With the older, comes the newer, the much newer, so new it’s not out until later in the year on Lasergum Records but expect me to overplay the latest, and quite probably greatest yet from Simplicity is Beauty.

The latest from Blackmass Plastics continues his assault of overloaded dark bass rave monsters with Ok Ozzy. That one is available for free from Western Panorama Recordings.

Another couple of new ones to make an impact include AUM from Mutant on the latest Pareto Park: Preemptive Action Vol III EP and the hypnotic and twisted sharp Status Narcissism from Miles’ debut album on his own Modern Love label. Miles perhaps better known as half of Demdike Stare. Old but new with Vocode Records and from Original Console Generation – a pad rich proggy electro number recently re-released. Sublime.

MPIA3 aka Truss’s rebuild (read: not remix, but complete rebuild) of Matt Whitehead’s sleeper hit on Jerome Hill’s Don’t label is resplendent with gabba kicks and storming acid lines. Deadly tool material. Available soon on Perc Trax new sublabel Perc Trax Ltd.

Finally Brendon Moeller gives a harder edged techno EP for Prologue as Echologist. Continuing where his Some Heavy Shit remix on recent EP Extra Works was going, More Instinct is acid lines, hard kicks and a fine slice of techno.


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