Stormfield live at Glastonbury
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Darkfloor 53 – Stormfield – Brainwash Glastonbury

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Stormfield (Combat Recordings’ Warlord) returns to our mix series, recorded live at Brainwash, Glastonbury 2016.

Huge thank you to the rest of the Brainwash crew for making this happen at Glastonbury 2016 on such a crisp, powerful sound system with jagged, mindbending interactive visuals. This 2 hour set was recorded live in the wee hours of Monday morning in between Mixmaster Morris and Bitvert. Given the political mood of that weekend I was eager to smash out some angry acid beats more than ever, so here you go. There’s stuff from 1991 all the way to unreleased new material, including a few tracks from a forthcoming Riot Season Compilation on Combat.

Darkfloor Sound · Darkfloor 53 – Stormfield – Brainwash Glastonbury

Stereotyp – Jahman (original version)
Corvus – Corvus
The Advent – Only Power
Tipper – Swipe
Hosmoz – Purple Kurt
Cursor Miner – Open the Box
Hosmoz – Swolle
Special Request – Mindwash
Tipper – Red
Blackmass Plastics – Cyclon Acid
Tipper – Tweaksauce
Duran Duran Duran – Rejectro
Radioactive Man – Fed Ex to München (Tipper remix)
Hosmoz – Zarnica
Warlock – Ghost Dog
Tipper – Unlock the Geometry
Cedric von Flügel – Dynamic Shift [Combat Recordings] forthcoming
Stormfield – Calais Jungle Acid [Combat Recordings] forthcoming
Drexciya – Black Sea
Warlock – Cold Cash
Tipper – Squiggle
Cedric von Flügel – Spanner in the works [Combat Recordings] forthcoming
Clouds – Cybergrind
Subjex – Maneken Acid
Anthony Rother – Don’t stop the beat
Anodyne – Empire of Light (Subjex remix)
Oscar Mulero – 7 types of Sin
Tipper – Multiplexus
Underground Resistance – Final Frontier
Milanese – Mr Ion (Live Wobble version)
Stormfield – Dissensus


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