Matt TDK

Download a hard techno stomper from MSQ

Sometimes labels end and with them some planned releases don’t happen.
Sometimes those tracks show up elsewhere, sometimes they never see the light.

Thankfully this particular cut from MSQ is the former. Originally scheduled for a 12″ vinyl release on Emetic, Martyn Hare’s label. Rather than delete the label’s entire back catalogue Hare maintains the label’s Bandcamp. Complete with an EP from MSQ (recording as Matt TdK), backed with a remix by Scotland’s duo Forward Strategy Group.

I don’t think this track ever got as far as a name even, but it packs a hard punch, something MSQ has a bit of knack for in the studio. This will certainly make an impact.

Stripped back, crunch stomp business this one.

Fancy something hard but a bit more steppy? Might I suggest Darkfloor’s own Mechanistic Overlap (available via our store and Bandcamp), featuring MSQ’s Industry.


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