dcom – The Steel Remains

Don’t know an awful lot (well nothing actually) about dcom. What I do know is the tracklist makes me moist with excitement.

dcom – The Steel Remains

Ancient Methods – Untitled [Ancient Methods] AM-1
Khixbrr – Fairies [Northern General] NG001
James Ruskin – Solution [Blueprint] BP027
Cari Lekebusch – Spindizzy (Luke Slater’s L.B.Dub Corp remix) [Mote Evolver] MOTE013
Marcel Dettmann – Apron [MDR] MDR06
Function – Disaffected (Norman Nodge remix) [Sandwell District] SDRM01
Deuce – Guttering [Ostgut Ton] O-TON25
Planetary Assault Systems – X Speaks To X (Al Tourettes & Appleblim remix) [Ostgut Ton] O-TON31
Re:Group – Nihil [Detroit Underground] DETUND12
Ben Gibson – Vanished Between [Perc Trax] TPT030
Eric Krakeroy – Jacque A La Reina [Warm Up!] WU023
V_Ride – Discipline [Ultrix] UX-01
Orphx – Cracktest (Edit) [Sonic Groove] SG0936
Substance & Vainqueur – Emerge 1 (British Murder Boys remix 1) [Scion Versions] SV03
Dominik Müller – Wunderwaffe [Neural Network] NEURAL001
Makaton – Safety Word [Token] TOKEN13
Smear – Boystown [MNX] MNX-011
Ugandan Methods – Untitled [Downwards] DN05
Paul Bailey – Multiball [Semantica] SEMANTICA01
Vandross – Hurt Me, I’m Waiting (Female Mix) [Sandwell District] SC 02
Fran Hartnett – Alpha [Mantrap] MANTRAP005
Charlton – Argibalt [Labrynth] LABRYNTH10
Exium – Probed In Humans [Labrynth] LABRYNTH13
Charlton – Argibalt (Regis Christ Superstar U-Viv Mix) [Labrynth] LABRYNTH10
Sub Space – The Bi-Machine [Labrynth] LABRYNTH12
Ben Sims – Arena Of The Unwell [Theory] THEORY033
Reeko – Nightwalker [Deafmosaic] DM004
Systemic – Star Striker [Jactation] JACT001
Phantom Regiment – Breaking Earth’s Atmosphere [Dynamic Reflection] DREF003
The Futurist – Stomper [Concern] CNC001
Phantom Regiment – Standing At The Edge Of Time [Concern] CNC002
Christian Wünsch – Selección Natural (Reeko remix) [Tsunami] TSU016
Michaelangelo – Requiem777 [Labrynth] LABRYNTH8
Oscar Mulero – Selección Natural (Exium remix) [Warm Up!] WU24
Event 7 – Really Good [Injected Poison] IP001
Ian Lehman – Chapter 3 [R.A.S Records] RAS001
Exium – Seeking Perfection Part/1 [Injected Poison] IP002
Under Construction – Acupressure [Spod] SPOD01
Arrestar – Thoughts & Emotions [Token] TOKEN12
Grovskopa – Treacher Collins [Labrynth] LABRYNTH11
George Le Nagelaux – Industrialisation [Technopassion] TP006
Obscurum – Dom (Reeko mix) [Mechanisms Industries] M1989
Riotbot – Almost There [Neural Network] NNR-002
Takaaki Itoh – Shadowplay [Asian Dynasty] AD-004


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