connect_icut – Crows + Kittiwakes Wheel + Come Again on Rev.Lab/Aagoo

Firstly let’s get to the facts – connect_icut is an English abstract electronica artist living in Vancouver, Canada.

This information, gained from his SoundCloud page is where I also learned that he’s released 6 albums prior to Crows & Kittiwakes Wheel & Come Again.

Crows & Kittiwakes opens with the 10 minute Imperial Alabaster which I first heard in its entirety sitting on a bus early one evening heading into Cambridge. The opening chords wrapped around me as I watched the world pass me by through the window. It’s all abstracted glitches and snatches of melody tied to a massive 2 note bassline that in itself becomes the melody.

Other personal highlights are Carrion Pecking which could have soundtracked a scene from Twin Peaks perfectly. It’s like electronic blues for Herbie Hancock set to drone. My absolute favourite has to be Practice Rot. With more of the lush pads and glimpses of melody trying to hide; a slowly pounding drum leading you to a place where feedback and overdrive rule.

The album comes to a close with Again Now (For Matt). Like an orchestra playing in the fog as you walk away into the night, just as the vapours surround you. It ends.

Available via Aagoo Records + RevLab.

connect_icut – Crows & Kittiwakes Wheel & Come Again
connect_icut – Imperial Alabaster
connect_icut – Port Shale
connect_icut – Fading Twice
connect_icut – Carrion Pecking
connect_icut – Practice Rot
connect_icut – Again Now (For Matt)


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