Coefficient + DVNT guest on Beton Radio

Last week, my 2nd set (my first was back in August 2009) for Beton Radio was broadcast alongside a master mixer of the techno genre Coefficient. Not much to say about this other than it’s one of my most focused of sets, staying in darkfloor infected technoid for my hour.

Full of plenty of Mantis Radio and personal favourites with bits from Surgeon, king slaFF, Byetone, Doktrin, Hoth System, Gunjack, Molez, and Radial. I’ll make available a 320kbps MP3 and streaming link for my set shortly (hit me up directly if you can’t wait). Make sure you check out Coefficient‘s set thou.

Big thanks to the Serbian based BETON crew for making this my second Serbian radio appearance in as many weeks (DVNT – Sixty Zero for Serbia).

COEFFICIENT / DVNT on Beton Radio #080 16.12.2010

hour 1 DVNT
Chris McCormack – Menace [dub]
C. Mantle – L Mink [Myuzyk]
King slaFF – Sacrifice (xxxy remix) [Echodub]
Steve Lorenz – Synthesis [Fassade Rec]
Keckflip – NHT002 [Dobox Recordings]
Tom SPL – Scorpion Walking (Pablo Bosio remix) [Audioexit]
Surgeon – Compliance Momentum [Dynamic Tension]
Dfndr, Kibz & Kanden – Lizard (Lag remix) [Wandler Records]
Molez – White Trash [Acroplane]
Doryk – Propaganda [Transporta Records]
Another Form – Prey Upon [Ante-Rasa]
UNTERTAGEBAU – Fische im Garten [M.N.BL.CK]
Casual Violence – To Retract [Bio-Mechanics]
Byetone – To Fade Away [Raster-Noton]
Bas Mooy – Nachtsschade (Radial remix) [Planet Rhythm]
Detoxion – Ball [Knobs]
DJ Ogi – Kamen [Armatura]
Doktrin – Doorgang (Siege remix) [Limetree Projects]
Prkl – Raita 4 [Audioexit]
Go Hiyama – TMM.19 [dub]
Gunjack – Spanishtrap (remix) [Planet Rhythm]
Grovskopa – Balamber (Charlton remix) [Limetree]
Hoth System – The Stench of Lies [dub]
Joey Beltram – Fractals [Kombination Research]
Mad-Tek – Dread [Digital Distortions]
Planetary Assault Systems – Om The Def [Ostgut]
Gunjack – Stringers Lament [dub]
The Future Sound of London – Moscow [Jumpin’ + Pumpin’]
Grouper – Pale Through [Root Strata]

Coefficient – Wavefunction Collapse (Intro)
Jeff Mills – Something in the Sky 5
Planetary Assault Systems – GT (PAS Rhythm & Beats)
Xhin – Key
Reeko – The Woman of Black Glove
Charlton – Sinister
Coefficient – n Dimensions
Reeko – Ribbon
Asagaoaudio – Subsidence
Steve Bicknell – When Things of the Spirit Come First
Oliver Ho – Night
Female – Advanced Bossa (remix 1)
Luiz Ruiz – Identity (DJ Ogi remix)
Go Hiyama – Sustainable Puzzle
Exium – Machine Language
Takaaki Itoh – Serenity Through Pain
Jeff Mills – Something in the Sky 5
Mike Parker – Vesuvio Tremors (The Lab mix)
Stanislav Tolkachev – I Can’t Wait Any Longer
Obscurum – Dom (Reeko mix)
Karl O’Connor & Peter Sutton – Guiltless
Paul Boex & Marco Rane – Experience
Tomohiko Sagae – Sodium Cyanide (Datamine mix)
Takaaki Itoh – Hear Nothing
Tuomas Rantanen – Cobalt Metric
The Skinless Brothers – Eight Bar Jackers


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