Vadz – March 2010

March was busy for me – a lot of work, parties every weekend, rehearsals and home studio sessions with local rock-band ‘Mosquitoes’ – we’re upgrading to something electronica-based, refreshing the sound and preparing new material for concerts. I played in Moscow, really nice trip, warm acceptance, good devoted people. My dayjob takes a lot of time, I wish I could do nothing but music-stuff at home for myself if it could even feed me…

Times change, sooner or later… I’m working on it. Here’s my chart for march. Some really old stuff here – rediscovered gems for you.

CHART: 03/2010 (Vadz)

Chazz – A Mover La Colita (Armand’s Tuff American Mix)
You won’t believe it! I’ve been seeking this one for over 14 years. It’s my personal hit #1 for a season I guess. Harsh, simple, groovylatin house track with funny insertions. Move your ass, bastards! ;)

Tantcui Tantcui – Mozg
This is a brain-eater! Mr. Tantcui Tantcui (‘dance dance’ in Russian) says minimal is dead. It’s not if it sounds like this – witty, fresh, hypnotizing and funny. With samples from old movies – ‘I’m searching for the brain… Looks like yours will fit…’. Soon on!

Vadz – Nuclear Volgodonsk (Mark Hawkins Remix)
This was a big surprise! Mark made a massive remix – heavy and mind-blowing. His firm sound remains his main feature! Smart use of samples and breaks in the middle make this track a dancefloor-bomb! Actually we didn’t decide what to do with it – either try to put it on vinyl somewhere, or host it on my netlabel…

Noiz – Vehemence
Rottun is a good label, Rottun rocks. I love their crunchy releases! Heavy, aggressive and interesting. Serbian producer Boris S. shows perfect anger, I love his sound!

Redux – Bassline Circus
A french dubstep present from the Expressillon label guys – national harmonica melody over the dubstep rhythm. Made smart and works excellent on the dancefloor.

Imatran Voima – Lok Da Groove
Right between electro and the thing we call ‘skweee’ now. A sick track that makes me move the waistline everytime I hear it. Good intrigue for a set starter.

Rory St. John – Dysentry
A surprise from Ireland. Mantrap Records’ Rory St. John shows a wisely constructed and dynamically built track that keeps your attention all
the time it thunders along. I’m going to look for more from Rory.

Visco Space – Ghost Town
Project by Christian Morgenstern (RIP), tracks from ‘Class of 84’ album on Konsequent records. Good, scary track. My respect!

Daze Maxim – Casino
Another blast from the past. Track from his first ever record (I guess) back in 1996. Something between hard funky house in it’s beat and good old minimal techno. Still actual in sound, still playable.

Phuture – We Are Phuture (Joey Beltram Remix)
A brilliant track in my collection. Beltram’s ‘trademark’ sound and a complex rhythm makes me feel like i’m a robot. One of the best techno tracks ever imo!


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