Kid Lib – Terrors Of The Jungle Vol.1 Ft. Tim Reaper & Mr Sensi

Jungle, one of the fundamental buttresses of the early UK rave/warehouse scene has seen many people try and take it in different directions but few conquer and modernize it to new levels.

Most incarnations do not have the madness of the early break-beat experiments of the 1990s and end up being a conservative dose of drivel created in labs for DJs to use as club tools with no vigour or personality to match.

Thank you Kid Lib for breaking this mould and presenting to the world your Terrors Of The Jungle Vol.1 Ft. Tim Reaper & Mr Sensi. On his album, which was released in November last year, Kid Lib’s passion for the Jungle sound is pulsated throughout the album with baselines so deep they will probably break your subs and most probably destroy any club sound-system within a 10-mile radius of detonation.

There is a strong reggae reference but its not over-bearing in its use, more possibly a reminder of Kid’s roots and where he is able to innovate – he does so in bucket-loads.

Take the drum programming; it’s the right balance of excess, focus and compliment to the ongoing onslaught of samples being fired at you. There is certainly never a dull moment on this album. One of my favourite cuts is The Harp Tune. It at first sounds like the soundtrack to a river setting on the Nile in Egypt with its blissfully archaic melody being plucked away, but gradually the track unfolds with new elements being brought in and suddenly your listening to jungle interpreted via Cario – what more madness (in the best possible way) could you ask for from a jungle producer?

Other highlights include the baseline on 23 Gun Salute, which just moves out of your speaker and jumps onto your lap. Whilst Panic & Death shows how far jungle has come and where it can actually potentially move forward before yet again absolute annihilation of your insides with yet another killer sub-line.

Kid Lib is clearly an experienced producer with not only a unique vision but also a talent for blitzing sounds in such a method that others would not have dared. Buy this now.

Kid Lib – Terrors Of The Jungle Vol.1 Ft. Tim Reaper & Mr Sensi

Mr Sensi & Kid Lib – New Future
Kid Lib – 23 Gun Salute
Kid Lib – Lick A Shot
Kid Lib – Victory
Kid Lib & Tim Reaper – Hackle Dem Body
Kid Lib – Message From Space
Kid Lib – The Harp Tune
Mr Sensi & Kid Lib – Panic & Death
Kid Lib – Da Darkness
Kid Lib – Don’t Go


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