Basic House – Caim In Bird Form on Digitalis

The name Basic House suggests anything but the sound that you are about to hear: this is house music stripped of all of its glitter. House music with a broken heel and make up smudged across its cheek.

Basic House is Stephen Bishop who runs the Opal Tapes label; who if you aren’t already familiar, you should indulge.

Caim in Bird Form is hard to describe: it’s music that comes from a place that was once house or techno but is now none of those things whilst still being both of those things. It still has that pulse and backbone but the sound is much more alien. Like Ekoplekz and Delia Derbyshire meeting Lee Perry to make house music.

I hope this doesn’t offend anybody because I mean it in the best possible way: this is new music and new music should look to the past as well as the future. If it does not confuse you a little bit it must mean you have heard it before.

Head straight for 64 Bummer or Ultra-Misted; my particular highlights from Caim in Bird Form. The floor fillers if you will. Played at volume these two are both amazing and TV Illness the last track on Bishop’s album is perfectly eroded ambiance. Head somewhere new and give it a go.


Basic House – Aspirin Telepath
Basic House – I Found U
Basic House – I Don’t Remember Acid
Basic House – 64 Bummer
Basic House – Field 0.08
Basic House – Ultra-Misted
Basic House – Caim In Bird Form
Basic House – TV Illness
Basic House – In Illness Form (Scuba Death RMX)

Whilst sold out on cassette, this release is forthcoming on vinyl.


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