bangwagon 33 / Clodhoppa

Clodhoppa: With the first show of the new year, may we present some doings from me, and a splendid mix from Phaeleh on behalf of Slime Recordings, one of the most prolific labels of last year.

bangwagon 33 / Clodhoppa

Submotion Orchestra – Finest Hour
Ghostpoet – Finished I Ain’t
Roots Manuva VS Wrong Tom – Big Tings Redone
DJ Shadow & Little Dragon – Scale It Back
Clodhoppa – Please Mr Smith, Keep A Steady Beat
GZA – Basic INstructions Before Leaving Earth
Scroobius Pip – The Struggle

Slime Records showcase mixed by Phaeleh
Tricky Strutt – There’s Bats Everywhere
Tricky Strutt – Traits
Archie Pelago – Arcjoe (Cromie Remix)
Tricky Strutt – Hey Boo
Jeeroj – Emocid
Marlon – Hum (Hybu Remix)
Marlon – Check
En Neem – Me & My Girls
Made – You’re Sorry
En Neem – Waiting
Archie Pelago – Chocolate Waveplates (Submerse Remix)
Powder Hill – Aenda
En Neem – Heat & Lies
Materia – Not Angels
Archie Pelago – Hej Otoo (Eyelove Remix)
Archie Pelago – Arcjoe

Throwing Snow & Py – Wallow
Lush _ spatial Love
Helixir – Cooly Groove
Photek – 101 (Bodikka’s Drum Machine mix)
Jickael Mackson – Gedons
Buck UK – Once
Submerse – Bubblin’
J-One – Setting Sun
Ollie Macfarlane – Montpelier


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