Melodic Distraction - September 2023 - Darkfloor Sound

Melodic Distraction – September 2023

Listen back to the September edition of our Melodic Distraction radio residency. Which, sadly, is our last due to the station closing last week, September 29.

Melodic writes: “Darkfloor get into it w/ a journey of techno, breaks, and drum & bass. Featuring cuts from Aphex Twin, Woo York, Planetary Assault Systems, Regis, Tipper, Mumdance, Robert Hood, Om Unit, Seba & Paradox, Sully, Presha, Last Life, Medika, and Submerged. Halfway in they chat to thatboytim about the new Earwiggle compilation – Dreams of Electric Bleep (A Collection of Irish Electro 1999 – 2005).

Adapta – Memory Event [Schematic Music Company]
Aphex Twin – Soog E [Warp Records]
Arkist and Kidkut – Vanilla Imitate [Hotflush Recordings]
Woo York – I Am Against [Soma Quality Recordings]
Planetary Assault Systems – Function 5 [Peacefrog Records]
Call Super – Acephale II [Houndstooth]
Regis – Blood Witness (Extended) [Downwards]
Tipper – Twister (Subphonic remix) [React]
Gouryella – Walhalla (Hybrid Matrix Dub) [Code Blue]
Bandshell – Dog Sweater [Hessle Audio]
Mumdance, Logos – Wut It Do (12″ Mix) [Keysound Recordings]
Chemikal – Delta Rhythm [Junted]
Robert Hood – Nothing Stops Detroit [REKIDS]
SCALER – Loam [Houndstooth]
Faetch – Dialectic [Earwiggle]
Elektrochemie LK – Schall (Thomas Schumacher remix) [FFRR]

Darkfloor talks to thatboytim

Takeover Sound – Together In The Dark [Earwiggle]
Decal – Free The Flange (EDIT) [Earwiggle]
Magnetize – Hardcopy [Earwiggle]
Americhord – Frqnz [Earwiggle]
Phil Kieran – RIP [Earwiggle]
Chymera – Icicle (2023 Version) [Earwiggle]
John Braine – A Shift Through The Shadows [Earwiggle]

S.P.Y – Bass Terror [Hospital Records]
Om Unit – Slowfast Matrix [Civil Music]
Seba & Paradox – Love or Death [Metalheadz]
Sully – Qualia [Astrophonica]
Elliott Saloman – Natural Force (Poisonfrog remix) [Choppy Waters]
Disphonia – Careful [MethLab]
Offish – Poachers (The Faraday remix) [Onset Audio]
Presha – Mainliner (Homemade Weapons remix) [Samurai Music]
Last Life – Incubus [Samurai Music]
John B – Lava [Metalheadz]
Medika – Rabbit Head [Conspired Within Music]
Submerged – A Bad Time For The Empire [Ohm Resistance]
Grey Code & SubMarine – Flamingo Club [MethLab]

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