bangwagon 019 / Clodhoppa

Bangwagon 19 rides into town this week, bringing an archive full of deep 4/4 and broken bassy business from the likes of John Tejada, XXXY and a couple of goodies from Take Records.

bangwagon 019 / Clodhoppa
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Joy O – Jels
Midland – Bring Joy
Burial – Street Halo
Maya Jane Coles – Humming Bird
Ripperton – Leonors Lanugo (Radioslave mix)
Mark Broom & Mihalis Safras – Jelle
Samual H Simpson – Spronkle
Hideo Kabayashi & Jerome Sydenham – GSXR810
Trentemoller – Gush
Mike Monday – Grace (Justin Martin mix)
John Tejada – Living Night

Jack Dixon & Robin Card – Adrian
Photek – 101 (Boddica’s Drum Machine mix)
Gon – Chaka Mad
Corneille – 20 Liberation (MJ Cole mix)
LV – Don’t Judge (Fantastic Mr Fox mix)
XXXY – This Much
Ekelon – 7th Soul (Sully mix)
Wedge – Reaching
Lunar Shift – Eximo (Koro Inu mix)
Sclist – Halfstep
Apathesis – Remember
Asa – Kaneda (Gatekeeper mix)
I.D. – Slope


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