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Mantis Radio 213 – Lectromagnetique

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Lectromagnetique serves up a hefty rolling selection of electro on today’s Mantis Radio. We’ve new and old likes of Cursor Miner, Equiknoxx, Oleka, Tinfoil, M7, MRTVI (aka Huren), Oliver Ho, W1B0, Igorrr & Ruby My Dear …

Darkfloor Sound · Mantis Radio 213 – Lectromagnetique

Igorrr & Ruby My Dear – Cuisse [Ad Noiseam]
Enei – Goliath feat. DRS [Critical Music]
Cursor Miner – The Null Hypothesis [Combat Recordings]
Gábor Lázár – Split Works 1 [Last Foundation]
Dave Ball • Jon Savage – Passing Cloud Factory [Cold Spring Records]
G.H. – Yorkshire Fog [Modern Love]
Filter Dread – Oddity [No Corner]
Equiknoxx – Lizard of Oz [DDS]
Oleka – Korova Milk Bar [Genesa Records]
Tinfoil – Foil 23 [Tinfoil]
Geeneus – Detroit (Hyperchord Refix) [unreleased]
MM – QBT16 [Her Records]
Oliver Ho – Worship [Meta]
W1B0 – Utopia Planita [Bass Agenda]
M7 – Revolver 02 [The Revera Corporation]
Shadow Complex – Scare Tactics (Shcuro Infiltration Tactic) [Green Fetish Records]
MRTVI – Tijerazo Mortal [Jezgro]

Zwischenwelt – Cryptic Dimension
Luke Eargoggle & Rutherford – Stalkers Behave
Dmitry Distant – Hierophant
Jensen Interceptor – Mactavis
Hardfloor – The Trill Acid Theme (E.R.P. remix)
Silicon Scally – Chrome Introduction
Privacy – Constant Transient
The Operator – Commander Bomber
Morphology – Plankton
E.R.P. – El Camino
Jeremiah R. – Celestial Code
The Exaltics – 10 Million Light Years (Kan3da remix)

Rook Vallade – RI_25 [Touchin’ Bass]

Featured Guest

Releasing music over the last couple of years – including on the consistent UK electro imprint Bass Agenda, as well as US label Transient Force – for our 213rd Mantis Radio broadcast, we welcome a session from the Ukrainian producer Lectromagnetique.

Ivan Margolin’s Lectromagnetique produces a sound steeped in that of classic electro – it is both familiar and refreshing. He’s recorded us a guest DJ mix incorporating many of his current favourites, from Zwischenwelt to The Exaltics.

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