DVNT + 45 Minutes of Techno

Forty five minutes of technoid bass throb n stomp from Darkfloor’s DVNT.

Earlier today my mix for Georg Bigalke’s mix series 45 Minutes of Techno was published. Pushing what some might call techno the recording contains a lot of favourites of recent months, some lesser heard classics, some re-contextualised works, some unreleased tracks, some very old tracks and even a sneaky one from our Darkfloor Sound label (shouts to Boris and Darko who feature twice on this one).

Cover photo by Thomas Kelley.

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Puce Mary – The Spiral [Posh Isolation]
O/H – Future Ready [Opal Tapes]
Løt.te – Ultra Vines [New York Trax]
Coeter One – 145 (Urbano remix) [NuLabel]
Voidloss – Ruined With Each Passing [unreleased]
Soschla – Nchts 3 [X/OZ]
Entropia Techno Department – Black Dog (Ontal remix) [Eclectic]
Acre – Burning Memories [Cold Recordings]
Wolf & 111X – Wounded Alien [Infinite Machine]
Robert Pain – Mozda umres [Black Queen]
Pris – Devil in the Detail (Shifted remix) [Resin]
Wonder – What (Geeneus remix) [Dump Valve Recordings]
Kujuu – Labanko [unreleased]
Sawf – Faxta [Audio Assault]
DJ Bone – Music [Subject Detroit]
Martyn Hare – Stealth Attack (Shelley Parker remix) [Emetic]
Jerome Hill – Mono Skank [Don’t Recordings]
Rawtekk – They Come For Us (Suspense) Reloaded [Methlab Recordings]
S. Bicknell – Untitled [Cosmic Records]
Mathew Jonson – Decompression (Ambient Pressure Mix) [Freedom Engine]
Ontal – Output [Darkfloor Sound]
The Mover – We Have Arrived [Killekill]
The Prodigy – Skylined [XL Recordings]


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