Preview the new EP from Ontal featuring 2nd Gen.

The Serbian duo of Ontal are far from strangers here at Darkfloor.

From their 2013 d├ębut EP Output (our 2nd Darkfloor Sound release and our 1st vinyl offering), they’ve gone from strength to strength since, working with Violet Poison, Dronelock, Overdraw, Combat, Duality and RDL47 Records. Now the studio and performance partnership of Boris Noiz and Darko Dekode announce their own label that goes back to 2011 and to the very beginning of Ontal.

The first two tracks that were ever made after the formation of Ontal in 2011 are opening the first release in the Ontal Series.

For the flip the pair have hooked up with a name I’ve been hoping to hear from again, and the man responsible for this piece of genius, Wajid Yaseen.

the B side contains 2 versions of a collaboration with a well-known noise sculptor and one of Ontal’s influences – 2nd Gen.

The EP drops November.


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