Ontal to release new EP on Noiztank

Previews are up of Ontal’s next EP, Pietà, due next month on Austrian label Noiztank.

Whilst the Serbian duo of Boris Noiz and Darko Dekode have been busy releasing collaborative material with the UK’s Dronelock duo through their jointly run Shadow Story imprint, this is the first “solo” material from the duo in a while. Much like their Shadow Story material it’s deep and industrially glossed work. Fantastic artwork too on this from Zosima. Whilst you wait for new one to drop, why not revisit the duo’s début EP Output.

Available October 5th.

“Nothing remains but to hope the end will come to extinguish the unrelenting pain of waiting for it” – Pier Paolo Pasolini

Ontal´s work excites many conflicting emotions. Exuberant, convoluted and theatrical plots define the watchwords attached to the Serbian duo. They represent one of the most paradigmatic examples of how industrial/techno can still offer a wide range of pleasant surprises. A visceral understanding of the scenic rhythm space vs. void establishes a metamorphic composition in short of an almost Baroque sensitivity. Always moving around an unstable fringe of intuition-rules-over-eclecticism, together with an attitude of total irreverence against the old aphorism, but keeping at the same time an incredible discipline of sophistication, produce a situation where anything touched by them have to be immediately placed at the top of the evolution line of the electronic music.


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