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Darkfloor 58 – Scald Process – Modern Classical, Ambient and IDM

Scald Process lay down a multi-layered sonic narrative, spanning musical influences from the 90s mixed with unreleased new material. Accompanying the mix Liam Noonan plays live violin, Eden Grey piano and Stormfield improvises on Elektron’s Machinedrum. Moving through subtle, resonant near silence and sullen beauty surging into shards of aural brutality.

Darkfloor Sound · Darkfloor 58 – Scald Process – Modern Classical, Ambient and IDM

Mami Wata – Two
Diamanda Galas – Do Room (Scald rework)
Scald – Violin Improv
Scald Process – Rites (Nonima remix)
Deaf Center – Thread
Drøp – Death of Apasmara
Scald Process – Restless
Zan Lyons – Making Angels In The Snow
Autechre – Oneum
Autopsia – Radical Machine I
Death Qualia – Circe Offering The Cup To Ulysses
Autechre – Ganz Graf
Fret – Stuck In The Track At Salford Priors
Death Qualia – Vexed Lake
Koichi Shimizu – 3FK
Autopsia – Radical Machine IV
Scald Process – Crater Lake (unreleased)
AM NOT – Phallus
Deaf Center – Animal Sacrifice
David Holmes feat. Cara Robinson – Coming Home To The Sun (Scald rework)
Ontal feat. Fausten – Terraform
Mami Wata – Ice Fire
Dead Can Dance – Host Of The Seraphim
She Spread Sorrow – Lust

Scald Process performing live at Splice Festival
Misa Del Gallo (Death Qualia remix)


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