DVNT – Data Terrorists / Militant Science

Just over 2 years ago now I was asked by Paul Blackford, label head of Militant Science and UK electrobass producer extraordinaire; to program and record a retrospective mix of his labels releases to date.

My first commercially available mix, Data Terrorists was an exciting project to undertake especially when presented with the back catalogue of a label that released EP after EP of upfront bass heavy hi-tek electro such as Militant Science were and still are.

Towards the end of last year Paul contacted me to say he was going to get the mix re-mastered and republish it which he did a few weeks ago.

You can grab it for just £0.40 (to cover the bandcamp hosting costs).

It’s a mix I’m very proud of.

DVNT Presents – Data Terrorists Volume One

Paul Blackford – Plasma Energy
Paul Blackford – Renegade Bassline
Torq – Change Up’s (Headnoaks remix)
Scrase – Stakker
Headnoaks / Synapse – Power 2 Da Beatz / Jedi Nights
Synapse – Jedi Nights
Galaxian – Warhead
Synapse / Paul Blackford – Back The Fuck Up / G-Force
Paul Blackford – G-Force / Brain Dead FM
Vadz / Paul Blackford – Bees On Speed / Kaoss Theory
Paul Blackford / Scrase / Sound Synthesis – Kaoss Theory / Ford / Bass Maze
Sound Synthesis – Bass Maze
Paul Blackford / D-Bud – Crime Wave / Unlawful Entry
Synth Alien – Straylight Operation
Sound Synthesis – Spin
Beagle – Scanning Date
Badaszewski – Perfect Simulation
Fullspectrum – Replicant
The Exaltics – No Turning Back
Zen Robots – T Galaxy Lifeforms
Soundex Phonetic – Shoot 2 Kill
Paul Blackford / Chromia – We Have The Technology / Draisienne
Beagle – Crazy Person
Smashback – Banksters
cat# MSIA039 / MSR 022


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