Filippo Aldovini
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Mantis Radio 9 – Filippo Aldovini / Zymogen

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Mantis Radio presents Filippo Aldovini, head of netaudio label with a session compiled of ambient, dowmtempo, abstract lush sound.

Breakbeat Buddha – Hoodlum [True Movement]
The Divide – I Lift It [r3tox Recordings]
UR – The Final Frontier [Underground Resistance]
Richie Hawtin – Minus/Orange2 [M_Nus]
KiloWatts – Teknopera (Part 2) [KiloWatts Music]
General Midi – Daft Funk [TCR]
Human Resource – Dominator (DJ Hell Dub Mix) [International DeeJay Gigolo Records]
Apex – Bangin’ [Marine Parade]
Sly Fidelity & Club Foot – Feel the Bass (KG remix) [Tagsta]
Monster X – Pornograf [Bedroom Research]
Jnr Hacksaw – Hoffman [subAtomik]
Smashback – Killer [Data Trace]
Abstract Knights – Trayle [Uncharted Audio]

Con_cetta – 2:53 (Exclusive)
Stephen Walter – Rising
Muhr – Souffle
Muhr – De la Gouache dans le ciel
D’incise – Un Bouquet de Fleurs Fanées c’est si joli
Darren McClure – A Sheltered Life (Hazuka mix)
Ibakusha – Fripées
Ten and Tracer – Glad to generalize with you
Takeshi Nakamura – Defeat
Porcelain in the Backpack – The Burrowbuilder Comes home
Lezrod – Nada
Marihiko Hara – Konstellation
Letna – Tisza meets Dunav (Exclusive)

King Cannibal – Beneath the Surface [Uncharted Audio]

Featured Guest

Zymogen offers a means to consider and experience distinct electronic music and the internet as a resource. It is the product of refined consideration for experimental expression and aesthetics, offering music in a digital format since September 2005. Zymogen’s foremost objective is to create a personal touch, in order to draw attention and stand out in the multitude.

The supporting sounds on offer as mixed by DVNT included the forthcoming r3tox Recordings release from The Divide with I Lift It, new Breakbeat Buddha, Jnr Hacksaw and Kilowatts. He also revisited a few classics, including Apex, General Midi< and Human Resource’s mighty Dominator.

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